7 Types of Advertising to Promote Your Small Business

Small Business

Small businesses wish to grow through advertising approaches. Investing strategically to promote your small business effectively requires focusing on digital ad platforms.

1. Social Media Advertising

A popular choice is Social media advertising for small businesses. It may be relatively affordable to reach target audiences. You may use the options of ad targeting to narrow the audience and to get a demographic living. You may select different social media platforms for social advertising and these include:

  • Facebook- Small businesses prefer Facebook due to its widespread adoption and low-cost ads. Nearly 75% of adults in the world use Facebook and log in every day at least once. It includes different ad units to choose from on Facebook, it includes customer offers, video ads, lead generation, carousel images, event responses, page likes, and more.
  • LinkedIn– It is advertising that is a bit more expensive than other social networks. Yet for small businesses, it is a great option, especially for the B2B model, as it targets specific industry professionals. Targeting is fast through LinkedIn ads as it reaches particular job titles.
  • Instagram- It is suitable for small businesses as the Instagram ads offer a visual brand to build brand awareness. It reaches over 60 percent of users of Instagram and younger audiences in this age group. Instagram includes targeting parameters and the ad units provided by Facebook. It includes video ads, image ads, and carousel ads. Including call-to-action, helps drive website traffic.

2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising Advertising

(PPC)Pay-per-click advertising is an online advertising type. Here advertisers pay a fee for each user clicking on their ads. It is through a search engine. Advertisers bid within the search engine on ad placements by setting a price. These advertisers pay the users for clicking their ads.  The PPC advertising common platforms are Bing Ads and Google Ads. PPC ads are a search engine marketing that is a wonderful option for limited budgets small businesses.

3. Mobile Advertising

It is a digital advertising type where ads serve on mobile devices only, such as tablets and smartphones. Mobile ads include:

  • Mobile search ads, mobile display ads, Mobile videos, and Mobile app ads.

Having a strategy of mobile advertising pays your small business. Among the adult consumers, nearly eight-four percent are less than 30 years of age group using mobile devices to shop online.

4. Broadcast Advertising

It includes radio and TV, and mass-market media. Broadcast advertising requires looking for Sponsorships for small businesses may be cost-prohibitive with TV ads.  If the local radio and TV stations are nearby, the audience can find relevance to promote your local business. The cost also may be affordable. The broadcast ads cost relies on the ad length for TV and the playtime and frequency for radio airing. Besides, professional TV ads may be expensive. For small businesses exploring broadcast advertising options, partnering with a professional signage company like National Signs can provide expert guidance and quality signage solutions to complement their marketing efforts effectively.

5. Out-of-Home Advertising

It refers to the ads reaching people out of their homes. These are Display advertisements such as digital signage, billboard ads, street ads, and sports venues ads. It is expensive, so ensure it fits your budget.

6. Print Advertising

Print advertising was the ad method, and now it is shrinking as the cost is high than social and digital ads. It is suitable for a few local businesses targeting older people or people with less engagement digitally. Print ads include Display advertisements such as magazine ads, newspaper ads, and ads in flyers and brochures.

7. Direct Mail Advertising

It includes all forms of ads delivered to people through the mail. It includes sales letters, catalogs, brochures, and newsletters. Direct mail advertising is less popular than digital ads for small businesses in comparison to digital ads.  A direct mail ad campaign is successful only when it is visually appealing. It should deliver a one-on-one message to local consumers.

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