How To Reduce Bloating an easy Simple Home Remedies

How To Reduce Bloating
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Bloating is when the belly feels swollen because of overeating or after a heavy meal. This often leads to discomfort, pain, a stuffed feeling and also makes the stomach look bigger. It is mostly caused due to intolerance to diet and some foods or ingredients that lead to excess gas production. It involves excessive amounts of solids, liquids and gas in the digestive system. About 16 to 30% of people experience bloating regularly. While most people get used to bloating considering it a part of everyday life, one should not take it easy unless he/she has overeaten or is menstruating (in women’s case). Here are the causes and homemade remedies for bloating.

Causes Of Bloating

Bloating often happens due to certain intestinal gases produced by bacteria in the digestive tract of the stomach. The bacteria generate these gases from that food that is not properly absorbed.

⁣Remedies To Cure Bloating

The bloating can be cured or reduced by following these proven days

Know About Your Food Intolerance

People often ignore their food intolerance that can be responsible for causing digestive disorders. Know about food intolerance and try to cut down the foods that are known to cause these symptoms. For example, some people are intolerant to lactose present in dairy products. So know your food intolerance and avoid those foods. If the problem still persists, then consult a good nutritionist.

Take A Probiotic Supplement

A probiotic supplement helps to recover the deficiency of good bacteria inside the human body that leads to intestinal problems. The human body has two kinds of bacteria — good bacteria and bad bacteria. Probiotics are a combination of live good bacteria or yeasts that help in better digestion, regular bowel movement, remove toxins and reduce gas formation.

Stay Hydrated

Increasing fluids intake helps in flushing out the toxins from the body which may be contributing to bloating. Consume detox water that’s packed with antioxidants to cleanse your body of all the toxins. It will also help improve metabolism, digestion, gut health, and promotes weight loss as well.

Take A Magnesium Rich Diet

Bloating often leads to constipation. Hence, consuming fibre and a magnesium-rich diet can help regularize your bowel movement. Magnesium makes the waste move through the gut. Include green leafy vegetables that are rich in fibre and magnesium in your diet. You can also take a natural supplement to suffice for your daily magnesium intake.

Take Digestive Enzyme Supplements

The digestive enzyme supplements can break down indigestible carbohydrates and help with bloating. Some of these enzymes like Lactase can break down lactose while Beano contains the enzyme alpha-galactosidase that break down indigestible carbohydrates from various foods. These supplements can provide immediate relief in bloating.

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