Diet for healthy oxygen level

Diet for healthy oxygen levels.

You probably already know that oxygen levels go through a sudden drop due to coronavirus. It causes severe shortness of breath and can be fatal as well. Coronavirus or not, oxygen is extremely important for us. Nutrition plays a central role in determining your health, including maintaining oxygen level in your body.

We spoke to nutritionist and dietitian Manisha Chopra to understand which foods are helpful in maintaining our oxygen level. Let’s go!

Here are 3 foods Manisha Chopra recommends to take care of your oxygen levels:

1. Antioxidant-rich foods

We all know antioxidants play an important role in maintaining health. Foods rich in antioxidants may protect your cells against free radicals and reduce the risk of multiple diseases (including heart diseases and certain cancers).

Ms Chopra said, “Avocado, bananas, carrots, celery, garlic, and dates have high antioxidant content and they are beneficial to health. Their pH value is eight. Dates and garlic have properties that help in regulating blood pressure.’ Clearly, antioxidants are capable of maintaining the oxygen level in your body!

foods to maintain oxygen levels
Avocado Is incredibly nutritious and very healthy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Fibre-rich foods

Now, what do you think of fibre-rich foods? Well, fibre has various health benefits such as improving gut health, appetite reduction, and cholesterol level reduction.

“Foods like alfalfa sprouts, apples, and apricots are fibre-rich foods that have a pH value of eight and are easy to digest as well,” Manisha Chopra said. In addition, she informs that “they contain lots of enzymes that help to maintain the body’s hormonal balance and yes, they definitely increase the blood oxygen level.”

3. Lemons

According to Manisha Chopra, lemon is the top oxygen-rich food. It is acidic but turns alkalin when consumed. Lemon has electrolytic properties and that makes it an excellent alkalising food. It is can also soothe cough, cold, flu, hyperacidity, heartburn, and other ailments. 

Manisha also said that lemons have the ability to cleanse the liver which is responsible for eliminating toxic waste out of your body.

So, ladies, take care of your oxygen levels with these foods!

Author: Aayushi Gupta