Sonu Sood used to sleep in toilets of the train, he truly understands the pain of Poor Workers – Real life hero

Malvika Sood revealed that there was a time when Sonu used to sleep on the small vacant space near the toilet of the train coach and come home. Sonu has become a real hero for his fans in the time of

The Indian actor Sonu Sood has emerged as a real hero for migrant workers and daily wage workers amid nationwide lockdown. Ever since the shutdown was announced, the migrants have been the hardest hit. They have had to struggle to get back to their homes. But seeing the workers walking on the roads on foot, Sonu Sood decided to help them.

The actor arranged buses for the hundreds of migrants who were stuck in the city owing to the epidemic. Sonu had not only sponsored the travel but also offered meal kits for the workers. Thanks to the real-life hero who stepped in at the right place and at the right time on the ground and helped migrant workers who got stuck in Maharashtra.

The Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who is known for his roles in films like ‘Singh is Kinng,’ ‘Simmba’ and ‘Dabangg’ is widely being praised for sending migrant workers back to their homes safely.

But his sister Malvika Sood revealed that there was a time when Sonu used to sleep on the small vacant space near the toilet of the train coach and come home. Sonu has become a real hero for his fans in the time of crisis, but to his family, Sonu Sood (47), is still a Moga boy deeply connected to his roots.

While Sonu’s parents are no more, his sister says that her brother has gone through a lot of struggles before becoming a successful actor in Bollywood.

“When my brother was an engineering student in Nagpur, he would travel back home sleeping on the floor in vacant small spaces near toilets in the train compartments. Our father would send him money, but he would just try to save whatever he could. He always valued our father’s hard work. When he was struggling to begin his modelling career in Mumbai, he lived in rooms where there wasn’t even an inch of space to toss and turn while sleeping. He would have to stand up to turn sides…there was no space. Maybe that’s why now he can understand the pain of migrants, that longing and helplessness to just reach home,” said Malvika Sood Sachar (38), actor’s youngest sister who lives in Moga.

She added: “He never shared this with us, but after his first movie released, and he came home and said, ‘Aaj main seat pe baithke aaya hu, bada achha lag raha hai’. It was then he told us that he used to spread a sheet of paper on floor in train and travel sitting there.”

When he first came to Mumbai to become an actor, it took him over 18 months to just figure out the roads and buildings of the city. The actor used to live in a rented 1-BHK flat in Mumbai with many others.

However, his mother always supported him in every situation and told him to be patient. She always believed that things would turn out good at the right time and they did.

In his initial days in Mumbai, Sonu Sood used to travel with a pass in the local buses of Mumbai. Unlike other stars, The actor has worked from being Zero to a Hero in Bollywood and real life too. Sonu finished almost 20 years in the industry and has given great hits like Dabangg, Simbaa, Happy New Year and Entertainment, etc as a prolific actor.

Sister Malvika said: “When he planned to start ‘Ghar Bhejo’ project and arranged the first bus, he said to me, ‘Punjabi honde hoye aapan soch vi ni sakde koi enni taklif ch hoye tey aapan madad na kariye (Being a Punjabi we can’t even imagine looking the other way when we know someone is suffering so much).”

In the need of the hour, the actor is doing his bit by sending migrant workers to their hometown. The Youth salutes Sonu Sood for his humble work in this ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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