Remembering the dark era of Bollywood, when actresses had to sleep with Underworld Dons

Actresses had to sleep with Underworld Dons
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In today’s time, Actors and Actresses are breathing a sigh of relief in Bollywood, while there was a time when celebrities were not free to speak their minds. When we talk about actresses, they used to face a casting couch for any role in the film industry.

For a woman living in India, harassment while walking on the street, or molestation at a crowded public place, is very common. In the olden days, several actresses have been a victim of harassment in the Film Industry. Earlier, #MeToo movement came to light which exposed some popular names from several professional fields in India.

Over the years, several Bollywood actresses have disappeared after facing threats from the underworld. Today, we are talking about Jasmine Dhunna who faced casting couch and threats from the Underworld. It is speculated that the actresses had to sleep with Underworld Dons in order to get a role in the film in the dark era of Bollywood.

Jasmine Dhunna was one of the most beautiful actresses Bollywood had ever seen. She had worked in films like Sarkaari Mehmaan, Divorce and Hatim Tai. She played a crucial role in Veerana movie in 1988 which earned her national fame. Following which she received national recognition and people immediately fell head over heels for her beauty.

She played the role of a fairy in the 1990 film Hatim Tai, which was her last film. After that, she completely disappeared. Nobody knows about her whereabouts till date. There is no trace of her on the internet or social media and no one can say for sure what happened to her and where she is now. No one has idea about whether she is alive or not.

She was the victim of harassment by the underworld. Jasmine is not the only woman who has faced casting couch, but many other actresses from the film Industry have also gone through the casting couch.

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