World’s best commandos mentor-grandmaster Shifuji working on exemplary mission

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj, the inventor of MITTI System and urban SRTs ( Situation Reaction Tactics), is currently working on his dream projects, Mission Prachand Bharat and Mission Prahar.

Acknowledged as “The World’s Best Commandos Mentor” and the “World’s Best Commando Trainer,” he aims at equipping everyone with self-defense, self-esteem, and patriotism, and believes the way to fight terrorism is to establish a union.

Aim: What is ‘Mission Prachand Bharat’ all about?

Mission Prachand Bharat will use the Gurukul way to educate Indians, which intends to instil good moral values, pride and nationalism, along with Sanatan Vedic military training, disaster management skills and extreme survival tactics.

A selfless aim of the mission is to mentor the youth in different practical-based skills, prepare them to be accountable, employable, and generate 50 million jobs for them.

Mission Prahar: His second mission aims at women empowerment and employment

His second project, Mission Prahar, aims at women empowerment by training a minimum of 10 million women, and instilling in them the confidence to protect themselves against various threats.

Over four million women have undergone training since 1999, especially in rural India.

His Mission Prahar Education and Training Trust is working to mentor 40-50% of trainees to be instructors and generate a respectful living.

Details: Immensely respected, he never shares mentoring services for personal gains

Unsurprisingly, the Grandmaster has a tremendous following that believes in apolitical patriotism, respect of the Indian Armed Forces, and great respect for a soldier’s supreme sacrifice for the holy motherland.

The patriots immensely respect Grandmaster Shifuji because he never shares any detail related to his MITTI System’s Freelance Commandos mentoring services for personal or professional branding.

MITTI industry: About MITTI: Cost-free mentoring service for the forces

He is the pioneer in the elite commandos mentoring and extreme fitness MITTI boot camps industry.

It is a cost-free mentoring service exclusively for the Special Forces, Indian Armed forces, CAPF, and Indian Paramilitary Forces.

The confidentiality maintained by him makes this technique unique.

It is the most modern armed counter-terrorism system and is considered indigenous Swadeshi Indian customized SRTs.

Fact: He graduated from Israel in the most lethal counter-insurgency combat

Grandmaster Shifuji is the only foreign citizen and the first-ever Indian citizen to have completed the graduation certificate and Ph.D. certificate from Israel in the most lethal counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, and wholly equipped urban combat.

Details: The program is customized for armed close-quarter battles

The program is customized for armed close-quarter battles with and without SRW or LRW.

It focuses on the responsive reflexes, invisible upper body agility, strength, and the rule of “NO RULE” in armed direct urban warfare.

He is one of the world’s top two living legends, the other being the founder & CEO of Caliber 3, Colonel Sharon Gat from Israel.

Details: He offers many customized training programs for police verified civilians

He offers many customized training programs, like MITTIHINIT, MITTI martial arts, MITTI Boot Camps, Shifuji’s Modern Kalaripayattu, and MITTI’s Corporate Boot Camps for police verified civilians.

He provides an extreme fitness routine, known as Shifuji’s Desi MITTI Martial Arts, HINIT program for Civil Service Officers, and MITTI System’s Law Enforcement training programs.

He also has programs for paramilitary forces and Central Armed Police Forces.

Details: He considers himself ‘Ek Samanya Bharatiya,’ is a Kallaripayattu Guruswamy

As a patriot, Grandmaster Shifuji considers himself Ek Samanya Bharatiya, a normal Indian citizen.

As a freelance commandos mentor, he is an expert on Customized Counter Terrorism, Counter Insurgency, Tactical modern and traditional warfare art forms, and the ‘akhada’ and ‘desi’ system.

He is a Kallaripayattu Guruswamy, one of Verm and Marma Kalari’s greatest expert guru, a Bollywood action designer, and an action consultant.

Filmy connection: He has worked with several prominent Bollywood and Israeli celebrities

Grandmaster Shifuji is well known for being the mentor, life coach, and master of Tiger Shroff, Ahan Shetty, and Subhan Khan Nadiadwala.

As an action consultant and action designer, he has worked with Warda Khan, S. Nadiadwala, and several Israeli filmmakers.

He has also worked with prominent Bollywood celebrities like Ajay Devgn, John Abraham, Shraddha Kapoor, Javed Jaffrey, and Nora Fatehi, among others.

Details: Grandmaster takes inspiration from Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad

Some of his notable missions include Meri Mitti, Prachand Bharat Shaurya, Compulsory Military Training, Mission Muzaffarabad, Shahadat Samman, and Jai Hind Bro.

Shifuji takes inspiration from revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad and maintains a similar mustache, and wears clothes with the revolutionaries’ faces printed on them.

He wants to unite the nation against threats, preparing the youth to be ready for action.

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