While world is locked and economy is crumbling, People in China doing party without Mask

People in China doing party without Mask
People in China doing party without Mask

Everyone is well aware of the novel coronavirus which originated in China has by far affected over 22 Million people globally and the global death toll has risen to at least 784,876. Thankfully, over 15 million people have recovered from the deadly outbreak.

It is to be noticed that the Coronavirus is bent upon killing human beings, eliminating them. It has put the entire world in a lockdown. It is a battle of life and death and we have to win it.

The speed with which COVID-19 is spreading seems unstoppable, thereby the world is going towards a lockdown. It has created a panic situation across the world. People have been advised to adopt social distancing during the lockdown.

The entire world is fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. It is to be noted that no country has been spared by this pandemic. Some of the countries are one the verge of devastation. Coronavirus has brought India’s health system to its knees. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the global economy is already in a recession.

China, which has witnessed more than 4000 deaths to the Covid-19 outbreak, is not seeing any coronavirus cases. For a long time, China has not recorded even a single domestic case.

Lockdown has already been lifted in Wuhan. Now, the whole world is eyeing China. The entire world wants to know how China has brought the fast-spreading disease under control.

Meanwhile, pictures of a water park in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak in December, went viral on social media like wildfire. In the photos, people are seen having fun without wearing face masks in the water park.

The popular Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park was filled with people frolicking in swimsuits and goggles for an electronic music festival, many perched on rubber dinghies or wading up to their chest in water.

The water park reopened in June after the lockdown was lifted in Wuhan. A performer on the stage at the edge of the water waved at the crowd, and people waved their arms back, with some even taking photographs on their mobile phones that protected in plastic pouches and hung round their necks, news agency AFP reported.

Another entertained his audience on a water jet board by hovering above them. Some people in the crowd had worn life jackets, but none of them were seen wearing face masks. China claims that it has controlled the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

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