Trump on India and China said both countries are not developing

Trump on India and China
Image Source: Hindustan Times

US President Donald Trump said about India and China that these two countries are no longer developed countries. He also said that he is taking advantage of the WTO from him. Trump has been a vocal critic of India as part of his America First policy.

The United States and China are currently engaged in a trade war. Ever since Trump has imposed punitive duties on Chinese goods. Earlier in July, Trump asked the World Trade Organization to define how it determines the status of a developing country, in fact, Trump did so to exclude countries such as China, India, and Turkey from global trade. Did it.

In a memorandum, Trump had given the US Trade Representative (USTR) the authority to initiate punitive action against countries that are unfairly reaping the benefits of the WTO. Addressing a gathering in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, Trump said that India and China – two economic giants of Asia – are no longer developing nations and can no longer benefit from the WTO.

Trump further stated that these countries are taking advantage of the developing nation tag from the WTO, causing harm to the US. Trump said, “They (India and China) are taking advantage of us from year to year. Let us know that the Geneva-based World Trade Organization is an intergovernmental organization that regulates international trade between nations.”

Trump said that we hope the WTO does justice to America. He said that the WTO previously considered these two countries as developing, but both these countries have developed. Also warned that the US will not allow such countries to benefit from the WTO.

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