Watch: Students in Pakistan shout ‘Coronavirus Zindabad’ after university postpones exams amid outbreak fears

Students in Pakistan shout ‘Coronavirus Zindabad
Image: Screenshot from viral video

People across the world are concerned about outbreak of Coronavirus, and governments are taking precautions to stop the spread of the virus. These precautionary steps include limiting gatherings of its citizens, where one can contact possibly infected people. Sporting events, meetings, non-critical traveling etc. has been hugely restricted or banned by many governments.

Such precautionary steps also include making people stay at home by asking companies to enable work from home for employees and closing down schools and colleges for a specific period. As a result, any pre-scheduled exams by any school or college have to be postponed till further notice.

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Funnily, this aspect has brought joy and relief to a group of students in Pakistan, who have now got more time to prepare for their exams. In a viral video shared on Twitter, some Pakistani students can be seen and heard shouting “Coronavirus Zindabad” as their university postponed the exams.

The video clip was shared on Friday night by an Islamabad based journalist Anas Mallick. Exact details like the time and place where these students shouted the slogans ‘welcoming’ the Coronavirus was not provided by Mallick.

Pakistan too has been taking steps to stop outbreak of Coronavirus in the country after initial derision and disgust it had attracted after the government refused to evacuate its students in Wuhan, China to ‘show solidarity’ with China, the place from where the virus outbreak started.

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