PM Trudeau: If the world manages to conquer Covid, it will be because of India

Canada and India Flags

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called up Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, requesting Covid-19 vaccines, which India has generously gifted to 20 countries under its vaccine diplomacy.

An official statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said that Trudeau informed Modi about Canada’s requirement for Covid-19 vaccines from India. Modi on his part assured the Canadian PM that India would do its best to support Canada’s vaccination efforts, just as it had done for many other countries already.

Expressing his appreciation, Trudeau said that if the world manages to conquer Covid-19, it would be significant because of India’s tremendous pharmaceutical capacity, and Prime Minister Modi’s leadership in sharing this capacity with the rest of the world. The Indian Prime Minister thanked Trudeau for his sentiments.

The two leaders also reiterated the common perspective shared by India and Canada on many important geopolitical issues. They agreed to continue the close collaboration between both the countries in fighting global challenges like climate change and the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The leaders looked forward to meeting each other in various important international fora later this year, and continue their discussions on all issues of mutual interest.

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