Pakistan business tycoons meet the ‘Army Chief’ Bajwa to express concerns over low economy’

General Bajwa met pakistani businessman
Image Caption: PTI

As the economy of the terror state of Pakistan is verge on the collapse, a delegation of at least 20 businessmen, comprising heads of various private companies met Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Wednesday to convey their serious concerns about Pakistan’s stagnating economy.

According to the reports, the high-level business delegation, mostly members of Pakistan Business Council (PBC), met Gen Bajwa at dinner to appraise him the current economic situation of the country and the government’s lukewarm response to the debilitating situation facing the drivers of the country’s economy.

The high-level delegation also conveyed that the Imran Khan government does not go beyond verbal assurances and that the words of the government is not matching its action.

Reportedly, after hearing the grievances of the business community, the COAS Bajwa assured them of his help. He added that he will help them to resolve their problems at the earliest. The COAS also floated an idea that an internal committee to be formed comprising military officers to work on the delegates’ complaints so that they could be resolved as soon as possible.

General Bajwa also advised the business tycoons to cooperate with the government and not to side with anti-government forces. Hailing the services rendered by the business community for Pakistan, the army chief said that they all love Pakistan, and the country needs them the most. He also consoled them, saying that he feels their pain.

The angry and frustrated delegates conveyed to Bajwa that their businesses are being closed one by one, and if corrective measures were not immediately taken then all their business would be shut, leaving countless laborers unemployed.

The business tycoons also made a request to the Army Chief to do something “for God’s sake”, adding that it was a very serious issue that they are not seeing light at the end of the tunnel. They said that if nothing was done on an emergency basis the situation will deteriorate further multiplying the problems.

The delegation is also expected to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday. Surprisingly, the business delegation has decided to meet the Pakistan Army chief first rather than conveying their grievances to the elected Prime Minister of the country, who is responsible for the economic stability of the country.

It is rather strange that the business delegation of a country is appraising the serious economic situation of the country to the Army Chief instead of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. The visit of the delegation to COAS indicates that the Pakistan Amry continues to sideline an elected government. This also adds to the general belief that Khan is a mere puppet while the army in Pakistan calls the shots.

Earlier in August, Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa had gifted himself another three three-years of extension on the pretext of ‘regional security’. With him being at the helm of affairs in Pakistan it is rather not surprising to expect that the elected government in Pakistan will play second fiddle to the Army in managing the terror state.