Muslim drunk-naked woman climbs onto religious site, pics go viral

Muslim Drunk naked woman
Credits: Daily Mail

People seem to be getting clueless and out of mind nowadays. Some don’t even know how to behave properly especially in public places. Sometimes, people cross their limits to do infamous things in broad daylight. Earlier, a young foreign couple is said to have indulged in sexual intercourse, in broad daylight on a Railway platform in New York.

The video spread like wildfire on all social media platforms. The ‘shameless’ couple’s act is deemed contrary to the spirit of human values as they indulged in sex on station platform even as horrified commuters watched in shock. The incident happened somewhere in downtown Manhattan.

In another incident, a couple was caught having sex in an empty train carriage, CCTV footage of the incident got leaked somehow and it is going viral on the internet. The couple was reportedly in the late-night train from Glasgow to Edinburgh and it when the CCTV caught them having a go in the train compartment.

Then again in a shocking and rare incident that happened two years ago, a young foreign couple is said to have indulged in sexual intercourse, in broad daylight on the divider of a road in south Mumbai’s Marine Drive at Nariman Point.

Muslim Drunk-naked tourist climbed onto religious place:

Recently, a Muslim drunk naked woman tourist sparked massive outrage after she undressed and climbed on to a Buddhist shrine before chanting, shouting and using offensive language with a can of beer in hand.

Muslim Drunk naked woman climbs onto religious site, pics go viral
Credits: Daily Mail

She is a Bangladeshi citizen identified as Farah Haque. The 28-year-old idiotic woman was caught on camera as she climbed in an awkward way up to the religious site in northern Thailand as reported by Daily Mail.

She was swearing at passersby before the police came to direct her to the nearby Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital to sober up before being evaluated by doctors.

The video footage captured by anonymous where the woman Haque was seen perched naked on a handrail while waving her arms wildly in the air and drinking a can of beer.

She kept on shouting ‘chok dee motherf***ers’ – chok dee meaning ‘cheers’ in Thai – and also can be heard chanting Allahu Akbar.

She also shouted: ‘whes the whole lot of you’, ‘get the f* out of here you fing pedophile’ and ‘ugly c‘.

Police finally arrived at the site and detained Haque and took her to the nearby Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital.

Officers added that the clueless woman had also been seen roaming around while drunk the night before.

“The correct procedure is for psychological reports to be produced which will help us when considering any charges or fines,” said the police officer. ‘We are informing her embassy and acquaintances in Thailand.” he added.

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