Mama becomes husband in Pakistan – wife still calls him “Waqar Mama”

Pakistan Mama becomes Husband
Image: theyouth

A viral video on social media has taken netizens by surprise as it showcases a unique and unconventional relationship. In the video, a couple is seen strolling through a park with their daughter, radiating happiness. However, what makes this situation astonishing is that the husband and wife share a rather intriguing family connection.

The video portrays a unique relationship between a maternal uncle and his cousin’s daughter, who has chosen to be husband and wife. And the girl herself expresses happiness and acceptance of their relationship.

After some time, when confronted by journalists in the park, the couple confidently responds to their questions about their extraordinary journey. According to the couple, they have been together for an astonishing 8 to 9 years. The young man shares that he had a desire to visit Islamabad. Moreover, he openly discusses his wife and reflects on his first relationship.

Actually, they explain that before getting married, they had a maternal uncle-niece relationship due to their familial ties. However, now both of them have gotten married, and now husband and wife, leading them to tie the knot and eventually have a daughter together. In the video, you can observe the daughter cradled in her father’s arms, while his wife stands by his side.

Perhaps for a few seconds, while answering questions, even the journalist must have been shocked to know about their relationship. The post has garnered an impressive 22 thousand likes and has generated over 3 thousand comments, each reflecting diverse perspectives and interpretations from the viewers.

Even after marriage, the wife playfully refers to her husband as “Mamu” (uncle), and he humorously asks for chocolates. The wife admits to occasionally calling him “uncle” as well, but they both acknowledge the uniqueness of their situation and embrace it.

You too must have found this relationship a bit shocking, similarly after watching this video, different types of reactions are being seen in the comment section of the video. This video has been shared by the Facebook page Rashtriya Abhiyan. So far more than 1 million people have watched this video.

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