Imran Khan PM Modi Should Apologized For Lockdown; Pak Media Corrects Him

Imran Khan on PM Modi For Lockdown
Image Credit: Imran Khan | Twitter

While addressing the media on Monday, Pakistan PM Imran Khan quoted PM Modi’s apology on Maan-ki-Baat and said that the lockdown would not be ideal for Pakistan. However, hours later, Pak media corrected Imran’s statement, saying Modi had not apologized for imposing a lockdown in India.

PM Narendra Modi’s apology on ‘Mann ki Baat’

On March 24th, PM Narendra Modi announced a three-week complete lockdown of the country to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. The entire country was sent to a tizzy, as people started panicking over essential items and the exact situation of the outbreak in the country.

A few days later, Modi appeared on the ‘Maan ki Baat’ radio show and apologized to the citizens of the country, for the inconvenience and the hardship they were facing due to the lockdown. He also stressed that lockdown was the only option for him to curb the COVID-19 pandemic crisis in the country.

Imran Khan Should PM Modi Apologized For Lockdown
Image: Metrosaga

Pakistan PM Imran Khan misquotes the statement

On Monday, Imran Khan, while addressing his country’s media, used Modi’s apology to back his statement that a complete nationwide lockdown could be a bad idea in Pakistan too.

However, a couple of hours later, Pak media, especially Geo News, fact-checked Imran Khan’s statement and corrected their Prime Minister. They verified that Modi had apologized for the inconvenience and not for the lockdown. Geo Media also further added that Modi never said that the imposition of lockdown was a regrettable decision.