Four Reasons to Get a Survey Before You Buy a House in Norwich

Buying a house is a major financial investment. Therefore it is a smart move to ensure that what you are buying is not going to give you any costly surprises after you get in there and start decorating. This is where a survey comes in handy, and it is the most effective way to tell whether your house is structurally sound and ready to live in. Here are four reasons why.

A Survey Uncovers Everything You Need to Know

When you book a home buyers survey, it will tell you all the ins and outs of your property. A professional house surveyor in Norwich will be able to determine whether there are structural issues to navigate and if you are facing issues with damp too. These two things alone are useful information to have because they can be the most costly to fix. Property surveyors are experienced in essential areas that will impact your sale and that’s why a building survey is a must. An additional bonus to think about is that RICS surveying in the local area will also expose specific insights that may affect your property, like the condition of the ground and so on.

Negotiating the Purchase Price

Once your survey is complete, if any problems are flagged, it will be far easier to negotiate the price of the property. You can also communicate with the seller about any major bits of work that need doing prior to the sale, and come to an agreement about a reasonable price from that point forward. If they don’t want to carry the work out before they sell it, you are in a strong position to ask for a deduction of the overall asking price. This is usually accepted when the survey shows there are tasks to be done.

Surveyors Are Professionals

This means, that when they visit your house to carry out the survey, they will be looking at it through a completely impartial viewpoint. Their insight will focus on the facts and there will be no emotional factor influencing the results. They will also dive deep into the various rooms, including spaces like basements or lofts where you may not explore in enough detail or know what to look out for yourself. There are loads of common concerns that crop up in basement areas, and it is better to know before you buy than find out afterward!

It Is Detailed

The majority of mortgage companies will visit a property to carry out their own valuation. However, this is often a mistake for a survey. It is purely a method to determine if the mortgage company agrees with the asking price value of a house before they agree to lend the money. It does not cover anything other than this, and therefore won’t be helpful in terms of finding out problems and determining what work is there to do. A survey is the most simple way to get to know the property you hope to buy. It will tell you the facts and give you a place to negotiate if necessary.