After Brexit, there will be shortage of essential goods in Britain

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If Britain unconditionally differs from the European Union, it may face a shortage of fuel, food, and drugs. This has been said in a confidential document of the British Government, which has leaked to the media. More than 100 MPs have written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson demanding an emergency meeting of Parliament to discuss the post-Brexit situation. Meanwhile, Johnson has decided to meet with European leaders to discuss the Brexit process. In this connection, he will travel to Germany on Wednesday and France on Thursday.

Protests may occur This process of break-up on 31 October may result in an influx of ships, protests and the anarchy-like situation in the UK. Intelligence reports related to this apprehension have reached the Cabinet Office.

But Minister Michael Gove, who is coordinating in the Brexit case, has denied these things in the media. Said that these things have been said about the worst situation. This is not necessarily all. According to the report, 85 percent of the freight in Britain is through trucks. Post-Brexit these trucks will not be able to meet the expectations of the Customs Department of France. Therefore, prompt steps should be taken to improve the arrangements in the remaining time.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office has accused the former minister of leaking the report, refusing to comment on the government document. According to government sources, a report has been leaked by a former minister to influence the ongoing negotiations with the European Union. On Sunday, Brexit Affairs Minister Stephen Berkeley signed an order to prepare proposals for changes in-laws. The new laws will come into force on 31 October, following secession from the European Union.