7 Countries that Sell Citizenship for Money

Countries that Sell Citizenship
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There are a lot of people who wish to settle abroad permanently. The ones who do not want to take the longer turn tend to buy the citizenship of the country. Money can buy you anything, which also includes citizenship in some countries. Buying citizenship on cash is per se stated as citizenship by investment wherein you buy any real estate that gets you another passport of the country that you bought real estate at. There are elite residencies as well that offer extended perks and some similar investment benefits. Below mentioned are some countries around the world that sell permanent citizenship for cash:

  1. St Kitts and Nevis

    St Kitts and Nevis offer some key benefits with their citizenship, such as dual citizenship is allowed, you do not need any minimum stay, the visa is free or available on arrival, and allows you to travel to 157 different destinations, few of which are Russia, Hong Kong, etc., other than that it the main applicant for the citizenship should be at least 18 years old and should meet the requirements stated by the government.
  2. St Lucia

    St Lucia offers citizenship against cash and includes benefits like the passport, which gives you a free pass to visa-free entry or visa on arrival for more than 146 destinations, some of which are Hong Kong, the UK, Singapore, etc. the processing time for the citizenship application is three to four months and varies from application to application. St Lucia also approves dual citizenship. Someone who is already a citizen of that place can add another person only within five years after getting their citizenship approved.
  3. Dominica

    Dominica asks for a minimum donation of USD 100,000 for citizenship there. The processing time of the application is three months and some of the benefits that the passport brings along are visa-free travel to 152 destinations including Schengen areas, Russia, the UK, etc. the investment program started there back in 1993 only to boost the investment there.
  4. Grenada

    Grenada asks for a minimum basic donation of around USD 150,000 in any of the government-approved real estate projects. The processing time of the application is three months and provides visa-free travel to 153 destinations around the world. The citizenship program at Grenada was launched back in 2013. The citizenship of Grenada also offers access to the USA E2 entry investor visa.
  5. Antigua and Barbuda

    The major key benefits of getting citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda are that it gives you the right to move from there to Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe’s Schengen areas, etc. You have to donate around USD 100,000 to the Antigua and Barbuda national development fund. The processing time is around three to four months.
  6. Turkey

    Turkey’s citizenship by investment program gains access to both Europe and Asian markets. You have to put in a donation of a minimum of USD 250,000. The basic processing time for the application is six to nine months starting from the submission of the application to the approval of the application. The key benefits that it provides are visa-free or visa-on-arrival features for 111 destinations. If the application is successful, you might be eligible for an E-2 investor visa in the USA for five years.
  7. Montenegro

    Key features of getting citizenship from Montenegro are right off movement to Montenegro as well as Europe’s Schengen areas, Russia, etc. The minimum investment here has to be Euro 350,000 which is Euro 250,000 invested in real estate and the remaining 100,000 is donated to the country. The basic processing time of the application, until it gets approved, is around three months.

Source: CEOWorld.Biz

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