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The BitTorrent world might be lesser known to you, but chances are quite less that you haven’t heard about KickAssTorrents. This torrent site is offline now but you may find its fans searching for the best KickassTorrents alternatives to grab some good content and download via their torrent clients.

Many streaming services and free options for movies and TV shows have come into existence in recent decades, and we can see the piracy-fueled torrent ecosystem reducing. Still, there is a long road to go. Meanwhile, one can find many alternatives to KickAss Torrents on the web. We have curated some good torrent site replacements for KAT while giving preference to their Alexa ranks.

Note: This list of KAT alternatives has been prepared with the purpose of providing information. We discourage the use of torrent sites to download copyright-protected content.

Kickass Torrents Alternatives: 2021 Edition

Torrent SiteAlexa Rank
The Pirate Bay332
KickAssTorrents (Mirror)2610

1. The Pirate Bay

Alexa Rank: 332

The name that comes to our mind when we think about torrent websites is The Pirate Bay, which hardly needs any introduction. But apart from its own fan following and popularity, TPB can be a great KickAss alternative for the ones who frequented the defunct site. After coming back from the dead, it again rose to success, and currently, it’s running on its original domain that is known to many.

2. 1337x

Alexa Rank: 417

Just like TorLock, the popular torrent site 1337x also features a visually appealing interface. There are many ways to find good torrents on this KAT alternative. You can simply use the search bar, explore categories, or go to the Top 100 section which lists the 100 most trending torrents on 1337x. The website also curates weekly lists for the most popular and trending torrents of each category.

3. Rarbg

Alexa Rank: 833

RARBG ranks very high in terms of popularity if we consider the number of visitors it attracts on a regular basis. The website has been active for more than a decade and it has gained a loyal following owing to its TV and movie torrents. While you might not find the overall interface of RARBG very appealing, it gets the job done for its visitors.


Alexa Rank: 741

Given the fact that many popular torrent websites keep getting targeted by law enforcement, over the time their alternatives pop up in the form of clones and mirrors. The popular anime torrent site NYAA faced a similar fate and has garnered a loyal following in countries like Japan.

The interface of the Kickass alternative is neat and all the torrents are listed by date on the home page. There is an option to sort them by comments, date, size, seeds, peers, etc., for easier selection.

5. LimeTorrents

Alexa Rank: 2838

LimeTorrents, with its green-colored interface, is a known name in the torrent community and serves as a good alternative to KickAss Torrents. It has managed to make it the top torrents sites for the year 2021 and for previous years as well. Limetorrents also has a gigantic torrent catalog that’s updated almost every hour. You can look for torrents in designated categories or in Top Torrents and Latest Torrents lists.

6. KickAssTorrents

Alexa Rank: 2610

Speaking of more names, this KickAssTorrents alternative looks almost the same as the original torrent site. So, there is much to reveal in terms of the user interface.

The website is gaining traction these days. Just Like KAT, you can find categories for various torrents including movies, TV, books, and more. You won’t find any visible ads on the site which could be a plus point for many. You can also find dedicated pages for popular torrents and top torrents downloaded by the users.

In addition, there is a tag cloud at the top that lets you get an idea of the popular searches. If you want, you can create an account to save the torrent files as favorites. So, all in all, this site can be a good replacement for KickAss Torrents for the year 2021.

7. Zooqle

Alexa Rank: 6482

Regular torrent users might have started to hear the name of this torrent site more often. Zooqle serves as a great and convincing KickAss Alternative. The torrents site offers its users a huge variety of torrents spread across different categories. The user interface of Zooqle is also neat and clean, if not, the best you’ll find on the internet.

The website has an Advanced search option where you can specify file size, word matching, time of indexing of torrent, category (TV, music, movies, games, apps, books, anime), and language. Also, on the homepage, there’s a list of the most seeded torrents.ImportantIn case Zooqle or other sites mentioned in this list are blocked/inaccessible in your region, you visit our list of the 10 best VPN services. It’s generally recommended to use VPN services like Private Internet Access or NordVPN to unblock torrent sites.

8. TorLock

Alexa Rank: 23918

After visiting TorLock, you hardly find a reason for not liking the popular torrent site. It has everything from a good looking UI to thousands of torrents well-indexed in different categories like Music, Movies, Games, Software, etc. An advantage of using TorLock is that the torrent site only lists verified torrents. All of this makes TorLock a worthy KickAssTorrents alternative you can use in 2021.

9. ExtraTorrents

Alexa Rank: 38378

While the original version of ExtraTorrent isn’t available at the moment, its mirror site with .it domain is up and running. Loyal fans of this legendary website preferred it due to its healthy torrents and feature-rich interface.

So, if Kickass Torrent is giving you issues or if you are interested in an alternative, this could be a helpful resource. A popular feature of ExtraTorrent is a section of the latest copyright and torrent-related news in the top-left corner.

How to download your torrents safely?

It’s rarely the case that you’ll get broken downloads on the BitTorrent network as its quite reliable. But, VPNs can secure your torrent downloads and keep your identity anonymous. To help you make an easy choice, we have listed down some of the best VPN services available on the market right now.

A brief history of KickAss Torrents

If we go back a little in the past, KickAss rose to success, taking the throne away from The Pirate Bay to become the most visited torrent website. But in 2016, the website faced the wrath of US law enforcement when its owner Artem Vaulin was arrested.

Since then, numerous KickAss copycats came and went — some of them managed to deceive users for a while. It’s also worth noting that a group of staffers has tried to revive the site’s lost glory with a new website called

Are there some Legal KickAss Alternatives?

Many people see the BitTorrent ecosystem in a negative light. Mostly because tons of copyright-protected content exists on the network. But we have told you many times that the protocol and the network are not illegal.

You can browse many torrent websites to download legal torrents easily. Hence, you can consider them as legal alternatives to KickAss Torrents.

You can read our list of the best websites for legal torrents and safe downloading.

So, folks, these were some of the alternatives to kickass torrents for 2021 that one can visit in the absence of KAT or KickAssTorrents. If you have something to add, drop your thoughts in the comments, and keep reading THN News.

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