How To Get Free Mythic Guns In Call Of Duty Mobile

How to get COD Mobile Free Guns
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There are several weapon skins that players can make use of in Call of Duty Mobile. From rare and uncommon weapon skins to the premium Legendary and Mythic skins, there are a ton of skins that players can use. Moreover, there are a variety of different grindable weapon camos as well. The Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Damascus camos can be unlocked upon completing challenges with a particular gun.

Of all these skins, the Mythic weapon skins are the most expensive, rare, and most sought-after weapon skins in the game. Moreover, in Call of Duty Mobile, the Mythic weapon skins have the most premium design with incredible kill animations. Ever since the release of the first Mythic, Fennec – Ascended, these weapon skins have become the thing in the game.

However, the issue with Mythic skins in Call of Duty Mobile is their price. Mythic draws cost significantly more than Legendary draws after the first few pulls. Additionally, Mythic weapons come with a lot of extra attachments and animations. Moreover, to unlock these cool goodies, players need to pay an additional hefty sum. Now, that is something that not a whole lot of people can afford. So, here is a quick rundown of how one can purchase these Mythic skins for free in the game!

Call of Duty Mobile: Steps To Get Free Mythic Guns and Skins

The only way players can get their hands on Mythic weapon skins is via the Mythic lucky draws. Now, this requires COD points which one can purchase via the in-game store with real money. However, there is a way around this. COD points can be gotten via a variety of different methods in the game. So, let us take a look at these methods.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards basically allows players to earn Google Play money by completing surveys. There is also a trick to getting more surveys on the app. If you register yourself as a female teenage user, the chances of getting surveys increases significantly. Moreover, the more you travel, the more surveys you get to fill.

Now, after having successfully accumulated a good amount of balance, players can purchase COD points and finally go for the Mythic lucky draws. This basically allows players to get Mythic guns for free in the game. Moreover, if you are lucky enough, the Mythic weapon or character skin may drop at pretty good rates.

2. Tournaments

Several tournaments are held via a variety of different portals which players can participate in to get free CP. Winning a couple of these tournaments will allow players to accumulate enough CP to go for a Mythic lucky draw.

Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile is currently holding a 2 million dollar tournament as well. The Stage 2 qualifier of this particular tournament is live now. Players can get 1000 CP if they qualify with their team to Stage 3. This is a great opportunity to earn some CP.

3. CP Giveaways

From YouTubers to various other content creators, CP giveaway contests are very common now. YouTubers like iFerg hold such giveaways every now and then. This allows players to participate and win free CP. Moreover, this allows players to get enough CP to go for a Mythic lucky draw.

An important thing to note here is that all of these methods are 100% legit and legal. It is important to stay away from illegal means to get CP in Call of Duty Mobile. Such illegal methods pose a serious threat to your account and can get it permanently banned. Moreover, there are a ton of websites that promise to give players a fee of CP. It is of paramount importance to stay away from such websites.

Mythic Weapon Skins: Required CP

When it comes to Legendary or Mythic draws, after each spin, the next spin increases in CP significantly. For Mythic draws, that cost increases significantly after the first few pulls in Call of Duty Mobile. Depending on the region, the CP cost varies and in India, it starts from 10 CP. Here is a quick rundown of the amount of CP that each spin requires in India.

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