How to Get Apple’s Student Discount on a Mac or iPad

Apple Macbook and Ipad

re you a homeschool teacher, college student, parent of a college student, K-12 teacher, or faculty member? If so, Apple offers discounted Education Pricing on Macs and iPads. Here’s how to save some cash on your Apple hardware purchase.

Who Is Apple’s Education Discount for?

According to Apple’s sales terms, the following people are eligible to take advantage of the education discount in the USA:

  • Homeschool teachers teaching K-12 students.
  • K-12 teachers and other employees of K-12 institutions. Even school board members are eligible.
  • Students at higher education institutions, including students who have been accepted to a college or university but aren’t yet attending.
  • Parents of higher education students provided that they’re purchasing the hardware on behalf of their child.
  • Faculty and staff at higher education institutions.

Apple says that these products are not for resale.

How Do You Get Apple Education Pricing?

Here’s the best part: Getting Apple’s education discount is actually pretty simple. You just have to go to the right place on Apple’s website.

To start shopping, head to Apple’s Education Store website. Choose the products that you want to buy, check out, and buy them. It’s that simple.

How Much Do You Save?

But how much money can you save with the Education Store? Well, as of Nov. 27, 2020, the discounts are as follows:

  • MacBook Air: $899 on the Education Store vs. $999 normally (save $100)
  • MacBook Pro: $1,199 on the Education Store vs. $1,299 normally (save $100)
  • Mac mini: $679 on the Education Store vs. $699 normally (save $20)
  • iMac: $1,049 on the Education Store vs. $1,099 normally (save $50)
  • iMac Pro: $4,599 on the Education Store vs. $4,999 normally (save $400)
  • Mac Pro: $5,599 on the Education Store vs. $5,999 normally (save $400)
  • Pro Display XDR: $4,599 on the Education Store vs. $4,999 normally (save $400)
  • iPad Pro: $749 on the Education Store vs. $799 normally (save $50)
  • iPad Air: $549 on the Education Store vs. $599 normally (save $50)
  • iPad: $309 on the Education Store vs. $329 normally (save $20)
  • iPad mini: $379 on the Education Store vs. $399 normally (save $20)

Your savings will vary depending on the model you choose. For example, on some more expensive iMac models, you can save $100 instead of $50.

Of course, the products and discounts available may vary over time.

What Are the Limits?

There are limits on how much you can buy from the Education Store. According to Apple’s terms, each individual has the following purchase limits as of November 2020:

  • Desktop: one per year
  • Mac mini: one per year
  • MacBook: one per year
  • iPad: three per year

The limits reset each academic school year.

How Do You Prove You’re Eligible?

In the U.S., you don’t actually have to provide proof of your eligibility at the time of purchase, although Apple might contact you to request some sort of proof if they judge it necessary.

If you’re a student, teacher, or faculty member at an educational institution, you may want to use your email address for that institution to place the order. A .edu email address will make it pretty clear that you’re eligible.

Why You Shouldn’t Abuse Apple’s Education Pricing

While it may sound easy for anyone to get the discount, we highly recommend that you not abuse this system. Don’t order from the Education Store unless you’re actually eligible.

In its terms, Apple reserves the right to charge your credit card the difference between the normal price of the hardware and the education price you paid. If you don’t pay with a credit card, Apple says it reserves the right to invoice you for the difference in price and sue you if you don’t pay.

These terms are likely aimed at people who are really abusing this system—for example, resellers who order the maximum number of products every year and sell them elsewhere for cash. However, if you’re eligible for the education pricing, don’t worry about it.

What About Apple Education Pricing Outside of the United States?

Apple does offer education pricing in some other countries. If you live in another country, search the web for the “Apple Education Store” in your country. The discounts and eligibility may differ from country to country.

Other countries may require more verification as well. For example, Apple’s Education Store in the U.K. requires you to verify your status with UNiDAYS before ordering.

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