How to get 5 months of Apple Music subscription for free?

Shazam free Apple Music subscription
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iPhone users’ are no stranger to Shazam. Apple acquired Shazam back in 2018 and two year later, the company brought the music discovery platform as a native iOS functionality with the launch of iOS 14.2 while keeping the original platform alive separately. In addition to embedding it in iPhones, Apple has also been using Shazam’s platform for promoting Apple Music regularly. 

Almost every holiday season, Apple and Shazam introduce offers wherein the latter offers free Apple Music subscription. Keeping up with the tradition, Shazam is once again offering a free Apple Music subscription to users. Users who are new to Apple Music will get five months of free trial of Apple’s music streaming service for free. 

It is worth noting that Apple also offers three months of free trial to new Apple Music users. In line with this existing offer, users who have already availed three months of free Apple Music trial will get just two months of additional subscription time for free. On the other hand, new subscribers who haven’t availed this offer yet will get the free trial for five months. 

That said, Shazam has been running this offer for Apple Music subscribers for quite some time this year now. If you haven’t availed this offer yet, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can do it now.

How to get Apple Music subscription via Shazam

Step 1: Head over to Shazam’s website (

Step 2: Open your phone’s camera app and scan the QR code on screen. This will take you to the Shazam website via your default web browser (Safari in case of Apple users).

Step 3: Now verify your identity using FaceID. You will have to double tap on the power button for that.

Step 4: Once your identity has been verified, Apple will check if you have availed three months of free Apple Music trial before. If you have, you will get two months of free Apple Music subscription. If you haven’t, you will get five months of Apple Music subscription for free.

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