How to block adult content for kids on YouTube, Netflix

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Although companies like Netflix and Google are working on keeping the sensitive content away from kids but setting up parental controls can be more assuring to some. YouTube and Netflix are some of the few platforms that kids especially after the COVID-19 lockdown had interacted with a lot. 

Here are a few quick steps that can be followed to set parental control on YouTube and Netflix

How to set parental controls on YouTube

  1. Open the YouTube app on your device
  2. Tap on the profile picture in the top right corner of the app
  3. Settings>General
  4. Scroll down and turn on the toggle in front of the “Restricted Mode” option

This mode will restrict mature content for the user. However, YouTube points out that “No filter is 100%”. Additionally, setting this mode will only be available for that particular device.

How to set Parental Controls on Netflix

  1. Open the Account Settings of your Netflix account on web browser
  2. Tap on the specific profile you want to set restrictions for
  3. Open ‘Viewing Restrictions’ section
  4. Set the slider according to the age bracket
  5. Tap on the “Save” button

Users can go back to the same section to remove these restrictions. PIN on their accounts to keep their kids from using adult profiles. Here’s how you can set up a PIN:

How to set up a password on Netflix profile

  1. Open the Netflix account on your device and tap on “Account”
  2. Settings>Parental Control
  3. Enter “Netflix account password” and tap on “Continue”
  4. Enter the new PIN
  5. Select the PIN protection level from the following options: Little Kids – (ALL), Older Kids  (7+), Teens (13+) and Adults ( 16+, 18+)
  6. Once done, select “Save”

This method can be useful for parents who want to restrict their children from playing games on Netflix since they are only available on adult profiles as of now. Netflix Games are now available for both Android and iOS users.

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