13 Best Free Learning Apps for Android & iPhone

13 Best Free Learning Apps for Android & iPhone

Smartphones have taken over our life in a big way. Everyone is always browsing through their phone – checking mail, posting on social media or exploring any form of creative content.

While it’s great to use your phone to do various things online, there is much that you can learn too. The Internet is an untapped resource that has tremendous scope and can help users learn about any topic of their interest!

There is absolutely no dearth of creative mobile applications that can be used as personal tutors! Since people carry their mobile phone with them everywhere, it becomes super easy for them to assimilate knowledge on any field of their choice.

Well, if you are thinking about the exploring the Internet to search for the best learning management apps, go right ahead. The vast sea of options may intimidate you, but there are plenty of genuine mobile applications that can update your knowledge on any subject in the world. To help you in your quest to educate yourself through mobile applications, we have created a list of the thirteen best free learning platforms on the web:

  1. Blinkist: This is one of the best learning mobile applications for Android and iPhone users. It gives information on a mind-boggling variety of topics, right from how to read a book to how to win an argument.

If you are a busy professional, but have short amounts of time where you want to keep learning, Blinkist is the perfect app for you. It enhances knowledge by providing summaries for many non-fiction books, and helps people discover new perspectives on various domains.

Blinkist does not require you to browse through heavy journals or books. It costs way less than actually buying books, and is an affordable option for anytime trying to gain some new knowledge.

Notable Features of Blinkist:

  • Powerful insights about more than 2500+ bestselling books from the non-fiction genre
  • Access to business books from a number of diverse domains
  • Users can switch between text and audio mode
  • It has an option to create customized audio playlists

2. TED: Definitely one of the most famous learning mobile applications worldwide, TED gives users access to talks by personalities on numerous subjects. It offers a wealth of information on many subjects, and most speakers give a unique fresh perspective.

TED has a million videos that can surely give you authentic knowledge on any subject. So, do not miss out to check relevant content of TED, as you can gain tons of knowledge anytime.

Notable Features of TED:

  • It has subtitles in over 100 languages
  • Users can gain access to TED Radio Hour podcast
  • There is an option to sync TED to multiple devices
  • The bookmark feature can allow you to save talks and view them later

3. Skillshare: A great application that can enhance professional and personal skills, Skillshare is well known as it gives access to digital classes. You can choose from a number of topics – it is the best way to pick up and excel a new skill. Right from learning a language, to creating a resume to any other hobby, users can learn about anything by signing up on Skillshare. 

Notable Features of Skillshare:

  • Gives users access to thousands of online classes
  • People can watch unlimited classes, it even has a download option so that classes can be seen offline
  • Users get a free trial of 30 days or more

4. Duolingo: Everyone wants to polish his or her skills in a new language. This is the perfect app for you if you are planning to pick up basic language skills, either for your upcoming vacation or for work.

Duolingo has a user-friendly interface that allows users to read, speak and listen to different languages. You can learn over 80 global languages by getting on Duolingo – it is indeed a smart learning tool for all Android and iPhone users. 

Notable Features of Duolingo:

  • It supports multiple languages, and users can customize settings for better engagement
  • Users can test their grammar and vocabulary skills in fun interactive sessions

5. StudyBlue: One of the best educational applications in the market, StudyBlue is great for students. Users need access to their smartphone, and they can learn through flashcards, interactive online exercises, and digital study material. It is a diverse tool for students, and can help them prepare for their competitive exams and tests, as it has a huge database of study material. 

Notable Features of StudyBlue:

  • Customized study material in audio and text format 
  • Students can takes quizzes and tests to check progress
  • There is an option to set study reminders and alarms
  • Can be accessed across multiple devices

6. Lumosity: If you are looking out for mobile applications to brainstorm, and you’re your mind active, there’s no doubt that Lumosity is perfect for you. It is a popular learning application that has a wide database of quizzes, mind games and activities that give your brain a complete workout. The best part is that you get to choose the activities based on your interest, and they are super fun and engaging.

Notable Features of Lumosity:

  • Allows users to choose from over 40 mind games and quizzes
  • Enhances the cognitive and academic abilities of the users
  • Option to customize the games and puzzles

7. ActiveX: If you are a fitness enthusiast, it is best to get on ActiveX as it can give you plenty useful tips on improving your physique. It has a comprehensive knowledge base on a number of subjects such as training schedules, diet plans, and exercise equipment. ActiveX is one of the best mobile learning applications for users who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and can give them tons of information on the subject. 

Notable Features of ActiveX:

  • Compatible with multiple users
  • Helps users to keep a real-time track of body metabolism and mass
  • Has the capability to set up personalized sessions for individual users

8. Amazon Kindle: There is nothing better than books to enhance your knowledge and help you learn about any topic. Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular mobile learning applications, and is a great platform for book lovers. It gives access to millions of books, journals, magazines and newspapers, in an instant. 

Notable Features of Amazon Kindle:

  • It provides readers with the opportunity to browse through and read books of various genres
  • Users can also purchase the latest bestsellers and new releases
  • It has an online dictionary to enhance vocabulary of users

9. Wikipedia: One of the best ways to gain knowledge on a particular topic is to rely on the trusted Wikipedia mobile application. It is a treasure trove of knowledge, and contains over 40 million articles in over 300 languages. Andoid and iPhone users can easily use it as it has a user-friendly and navigable interface, and provides support in offline mode also.

Notable Features of Wikipedia:

  • Contains a diverse range of informative articles
  • It does not have any advertisements or commercials
  • Users have the option to translate articles into a local language

10. Edmondo: One of the best classroom communication tools available, Edmondo has a wide user base. It serves as a unified learning center and allows people to excel in any subject of their choice. Users can connect with experts and teachers in any domain, and gain detailed knowledge through online classes and tutorials. Edmondo is a great mobile application for the transfer of learning between parents, teachers, and students.

Notable Features of Edmondo:

  • Users can attend online classes and receive assignments on any topic
  • Subject experts have the option to send a direct message to parents or students
  • Provides a rich source of study material, assignments, tests, and activities

11. Nova Elements: If you are someone who is absolutely fascinated by the periodic table, then Nova Elements is the best mobile learning application for you. It enables users to learn about all the elements of the periodic table in the form of a fun game and activity. 

Nova Elements explains the unique properties about various elements in a fun and interactive way. It makes learning about them easy, and also gives users access to a two-hour long Nova program where they can receive additional information. 

Notable Features of Nova Elements:

  • Is built through a 64-bit app architecture
  • Nova Elements is scalable in nature
  • Contains the updated periodic table with many fun facts about the various elements
  • Provides support and can be accessed in offline mode also

12. Goodreads: A remarkable learning application, Goodreads is immensely popular across the globe and has an active user base of over 30 million. It has a rich base of books that number over 1 billion, hence it provides an exhaustive database for users to explore and enjoy.

Goodreads is one of the best applications for online readers, and they can receive good recommendations on any subject. Users can also keep a track of what books their friends are reading so that they can check them out later.

Notable Features of Goodreads:

  • Enables users to read from a vast online library, and give reviews on books
  • Users can give and receive personalized recommendations based on their interest
  • Users also have the option to share notes and monitor progress

13. Photomath: Mathematics is definitely a subject that most children dread and find difficult. Photomath is one the most user-friendly applications that can help users understand mathematical concepts and theorems.

This free educational app has a knowledge database in various mathematical topics such as arithmetic, calculus, trigonometry and geometry. Photomath can also be synced with your smartphone camera, so that users can solve problems by accessing videos with detailed instructions.

Notable Features of Photomath:

  • Users can scan multiple handwritten and textbook mathematical problems
  • It has an integrated scientific calculator to help students
  • Provides excellent offline service, and supports over 30 plus languages

It is important to keep the flame of knowledge alive, and never stop learning new things. With the advent of the Internet, and modern technology, it is extremely easy to pick up new skills and knowledge on any topic. Make sure to use these free informative tools to master any new subject and become an expert!

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