Virtual Reality Areas Of Usage That Will Be Big In 2020

Virtual Reality Areas

Social distancing is forcing us to change how we meet other people, how we travel and experience things. This has prompted a newfound interest in Virtual Reality (VR) in India. VR is a technology that has been around for many years but is yet to see mainstream adaption. Many believe that the rules for social distancing may spur the growth of VR as we are seeing new opportunities on how the technology can be applied in competitive industries, how it could innovate the entertainment industry, and possibly even reshape our education system. Below you can find a list of areas where Virtual Reality can be put to practical use.


When people are looking to buy a property they normally like to inspect the property in person before committing to any purchase. This can be a time-consuming process as potential home-owners like to view many properties before deciding. Already today, photos and videos of properties are used to narrow down the list of possible properties. VR could further help narrow down this list or prospective homes.


Meditation and relaxation are becoming increasingly important in a world full of distractions. The traveling industry for mindfulness is huge, where people like to visit particular spots in mountain regions, the jungle, and ancient shrines and temples. Applying VR in the industry built around mindfulness could be the next step in making “healing” spots around the world more easily accessible, where people looking for some peace and quiet could visit these places.


This industry is well-positioned to utilize VR technology by letting consumers experience sporting events in a VR stadium environment from the comfort of their own home. Get the best seats at a fraction of the price and interact with the biggest sports stars. Sit in the executive suite with a group of VR connected friends or family for a more social experience.


Managing to go to the gym to stay fit between work and everyday life is easier said than done. With social distancing and the current lockdown, it’s basically impossible. Many people find it boring to workout at home, they view the gym as both a place to stay healthy and to socialize and meet new people. Through virtual workouts, they would be able to participate in healthy activities and social activities as they interact and compete with other connected users.

Work Meetings

Or why not gossip with a colleague in the office cafeteria through Virtual Reality? A first step will be to replace the Zoom and Microsoft Team meetings with virtual environments that resemble the likes of real-life meeting rooms where colleagues can carry out discussions and presentations.


For most aspects of schooling, there is no need to be present in person. Study material can be distributed online, question-and-answer sessions can be carried out online, project presentations can be carried out online. Video streaming platforms such as Zoom are already replacing traditional classroom teaching to some degree. VR can help cover all gaps in learning, from lab tests to practicing for surgical procedures.

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