Top 10 Azure Services You Need to Understand

Top 10 Azure Services

Cloud Computing is among the latest and most trending technologies that have changed the face of the business world! One of the popular cloud service providers that have made its mark in this competing market is Microsoft Azure.

Due to the recent digital transformation where most businesses have shifted online to the cloud or are planning to do so in the near future. So, most organizations have shifted to Azure due to its numerous features and services as compared to other cloud service providers. So, if you wish to excel and become a professional in this in-demand technology, enroll and obtain Intellipaat’s Azure Administrator certification.

Before we get into the details of the top 10 services of Azure, let us get a brief understanding of Azure and some of the reasons why most organizations prefer it over the other available cloud providers.

What is Azure?

Azure, in simple terms, is a blend of various cloud computing services, including both open-source and paid technologies and services. Companies make use of Azure and its services for numerous reasons, including development, deployment, and management of applications. Moreover, Azure offers excellent support in terms of frameworks, programming languages, services, databases, etc. Moreover, Azure is popular for modifying and making advancements in the traditional methods that were used by organizations earlier.

Now, you will come across a few of the numerous reasons why companies opt for Azure and its services.

Reasons Organizations Choose Azure

Listed below are the various advantages of Azure services some of which might have influenced Azure’s success and could be the main reasons why companies opt for the cloud services offered by Microsoft Azure:

  • Availability of the capabilities of PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and their unique services are extremely beneficial. Several organizations utilize IaaS solutions and functionalities to outsource the company’s infrastructure using Azure and pay as they use. Also, Azure’s PaaS facilities allow companies to easily build mobile and web applications without any difficulty.
  • The design of Azure’s Security Development Lifecycle design includes a range of security facilities that are based on the core services of Azure. Azure allows organizations to keep their data and operations secured which is a beneficial feature for organizations.
  • Azure offers a wide range of hybrid services, including mobility, usability, enhancement in performances, etc., which can be useful for companies while developing and deploying applications. Moreover, Azure offers a broad range of hybrid and blended interfaces like virtual private networks (VPNs) that supports improvements in accessibility and efficiency.
  • One of the best and most significant features of Azure is its variety of SQL and NoSQL app tools and other in-built functions and resources that make it easy for organizations to perform deep data analysis on the available data.
  • Azure is an easy and useful technology to learn, hence there is a high demand for these popular services that it offers. Also, to build Azure-based applications, you need to make use of C#, C++, and Visual Basic. This enables developers to develop apps with almost no difficulty.
  • The pay-as-you-go service of Azure enables most professionals and companies to choose the cloud services it offers for the growth of their business.
Top 10 Azure Services

Services of Azure

Now, let us read in detail the top 10 services that Azure has to offer.

  1. Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is among the most popular Azure services that provide a completely managed and globally distributed database service. Its globally distributed database service is characteristically turnkey and consists of a transparent multi-master replica. Further, it restricts the latency of read and write to single-digit milliseconds while making sure that the availability is 99.999%. Besides, it is a multi-model comprising endpoints that are compliant with the wire protocol APIs.

  1. Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Machines or VMs are also among the core services of Azure in the area of computing. With the help of this Azure service, professionals become capable of developing Windows and Linux VMs in a minimum amount of time. The best functionality of this service is that the virtual machines can easily be created as per the business requirements.

Also, Azure provides a range of virtual machines, including general-purpose VMs, compute-optimized VMs, memory-optimized, and burstable VMs, VMs. Apart from these popular VMs that are available at reasonable prices, there are numerous other VMs on Azure that professionals can use and explore as per their needs.

  1. Active Directory

The Active Directory (AD) of Azure is another one of the most popular resources and services of the Azure cloud. Azure AD acts as a global platform for identity management and security. This identity service for enterprises offers a single sign-on facility, along with multi-factor authentication that aims to keep users and organizations secured from various cyber threats and attacks.

The identity-based method for security offers enhanced and much better prospects of securing, governing and safeguarding users and their data. Azure’s single sign-on feature allows users to easily gain access to the respective apps from anywhere. Moreover, this feature leads to safe and improved communication between consumers.

  1. Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is among the top-most services of Azure that makes it popular in the current market. The services of Azure DevOps make it the best choice to plan and collaborate for faster delivery of services, products, and applications. Additionally, they help to leverage a range of Agile tools that help to plan, track, monitor, and discuss the work of the various departments.

It also offers a range of services that are ideal to develop, test, and deploy applications with CI/CD pipelines. Further, it provides access to cloud-based unlimited Git collaboration and servers that ensures that you are capable of developing improved code consisting of advanced pull requests and file management.

  1. Content Delivery Network

This Azure service offers numerous advantages, including secure and reliable delivery and acceleration of content. Also, it effectively integrates with various other Azure services like storage, web apps, and other cloud computing services.

Another favorable feature of Azure CDN is its ability to manage rapid spikes in load and traffic. Also, it can easily be learned and used by developers and provides numerous security features on the network for content distribution. Besides, its advanced analytics acts as an added advantage as it helps to gain insights into the business requirements and workflow of the customers.

  1. API Management

Azure API management feature allows professionals to manage, publish, analyze, and secure APIs within the span of a few minutes. This turnkey solution is perfect to publish the required APIs to both external and internal customers. Professionals also have the tools and capabilities to build consistent API gateways for the present backend services available at any hosting location. Azure professionals can also use the architectures of microservices as APIs and use Azure API Management to publish and manage them.

Professionals have the option to choose the required usage model as per the requirements, along with a developer portal and several underlying resources. Apart from this, they can opt for a serverless usage model that is based on consumption for built-in high availability, automated scaling, and instant provisioning.

  1. Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps are among the most useful and effective tools of Azure that have gained popularity as they help to build efficient and effective solutions of integration for Azure applications. Another prominent feature of these Logic Apps is the huge network of SaaS, cloud-based connections, such as Google Cloud services, Office 365, Twitter, and more.

They also assist in virtually connecting data, apps, and devices in any required location. Also, the B2B functionalities of Azure Logic Apps make it easy to use Electronic Data Interchange standards to work with trading partners.

  1. Azure Backup

This is also among the top Azure services that have gained popularity amongst companies around the world. It is the best tool to simplify the process of data protection from human marginal errors and ransomware. It is an efficient and cost-effective backup solution that can easily be done with a click. Azure Backup enables the back of SQL workloads, Azure Virtual Machines, and on-premise VMware machines.

The data can be stored with intact application consistency via Linux fsfreeze and Windows VSS snapshot. Moreover, Azure’s central system for backup management can help manage the activities and resources effectively.

  1. Azure Bots

The services of Azure Bots come under the sector of Automation. Customers often chat with these chatbots for various issues related to services and customer support. Azure Bots can ease and improve the process of enhancing user experience by making use of all the benefits that the automation abilities of these bots can offer.

This bot framework provides a range of services that are enough to develop and connect bots. Therefore, there is no pressure on developers with regards to searching for the required tools and services to develop them. Additionally, the bot assists in communicating with customers and users on multiple platforms consequently. As bots are efficient tools that offer customer support while saving money and time, they are a significant addition to the list of the top services of Azure.

  1. Azure Site Recovery

Site Recovery is also another one of the most popular and best services of Azure. It provides an in-built service for disaster recovery in organizations that is flexible and simple. Another best feature of this service is that it can easily be set up in organizations by Azure professionals in a few steps by replicating Azure VM in various regions of Azure.

Arrangement of various multi-tiered codes that operate on various VMs in a sequence can help reduce various problems related to recovery. Site Recovery makes it easy for professionals to comply with ISO 27001 and other standard industry regulations.

Final Outlook

There are several cloud services of Azure that are provided to users for numerous uses. In this blog on the top service of Azure, we have covered what Azure is, why organizations prefer to make use of this over other cloud service providers, and the numerous services that Azure has to offer. So, without wasting any time, sign up for the best online course and become a certified professional in one of the most demanding technologies across the globe.

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