The Latest (and Most Exciting) Trends in Application Development

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In the application development universe, new and exciting trends are always emerging. Some stick around forever, while others quickly fade into irrelevance. Here, you’ll get to look at the best trends in application development that are definitely here for the long term.

Whether you’re an experienced developer yourself or the manager of a team of developers, you’ll find it interesting to read through these trends. Let’s begin!

The Use of Service Meshes

Over recent years, it’s become widely accepted that developers need service mesh products — but only if you have lots of different services within your applications that talk to each other.

In summary, a service mesh will manage service-to-service communication within an application. Service meshes also help with load balancing so that applications don’t become overwhelmed by traffic and finish up crashing or experiencing faults.

Because service meshes take control of the communication side of things, app developers can focus on building awesome apps. In other words, they can focus on what they do best (i.e., adding great features and updates to applications) without having to worry about how the microservices within the app communicate with each other.

Best of all, the developers usually need to know very little about the service mesh itself. The mesh will simply run in the background and take care of communication while you (the developer) focus on developing. It’s that simple.

Without a doubt, the service mesh trend is going to continue for decades to come. Already, 70% of cloud-native organizations use a service mesh in app development, highlighting just how popular they’re becoming in the application development industry.

Meet Blockchain — It’s No Longer Crypto-Exclusive

Next, there’s blockchain.

Blockchain is typically associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, did you know that blockchain is fast becoming a big part of software development?

Now, thousands of developers around the world are using blockchain to track any changes made to the codebase. This is great for security and ultimately ensures there’s maximum trust between all developers involved in the process of creating the application. 

Local Data Processing Through Edge Computing

Edge computing is another big trend in application development.

As the name suggests, edge computing is when you process data locally at the ‘edge’ of where it’s been generated. This enables developers to process at faster speeds and volumes, which is great for getting applications in the hands of customers with minimal delays and enhanced security.

AI Integration

Although it was a scary prospect, to begin with, application developers now understand artificial intelligence more clearly and are integrating it into the development process.

For example, AI is great at analyzing the behavior of application users. It then continues to gather a ton of data in real time, which can then be used by the developers to fix issues and make relevant changes to the application.