Terrorist organizations using bitcoin for funding now, the reason is also special

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Terrorist organizations are working towards hi-tech in every way. Till now they were only getting information about getting modern weapons, but now they are also engaged in the task of raising funds from cryptocurrencies like bitcoin to strengthen themselves. Since there is not much technical or name-seeking required to raise money from bitcoin, they are using it. One of the major reasons of their coming to Bitcoin is the problem with their fund raising and also its grip. Terrorist organizations which till now did not know much about this kind of currency, are also increasingly learning the working of bitcoin for funding.

Hamas started its winning example by the banned terrorist organization Hamas. It is a Palestinian terrorist organization that has been banned by many countries. The accounts of this organization were closed due to their involvement in terrorist activities. This year, its military wing has rapidly launched a campaign to raise funds using bitcoin.

Qassam Brigade established
In the latest version of the website set up by Qassam Brigade Wing, every person who funds it is given the address of bitcoin, at which address they can send digital currency. This wing is known as the Qassam Brigade. Now the method by which terrorist organizations are working to raise funds is almost impossible to track them under the Enforcement Act. The terrorists have kept a choice of seven languages ​​in it to raise money through this site so that the knowledge of these languages ​​can easily fund. Among the people on the website to identify Hamas is a green flag and a machine gun. In this, a video has also been uploaded on how to fund bitcoin. Through this, the fund can send money without seeing the Enforcement Department.

Terrorists using bitcoin for funding are now avoiding using other methods for funding. They are turning themselves directly to bitcoin and using it to buy things they need, whether they need to buy medicines or money laundering. After the terrorist organizations move to bitcoin, the department which monitors the financing of these organizations has started raising alarm about this. One of the major reasons for moving to Bitcoin is that any person or organization can fund thousands or millions of dollars without giving information.

It is easy to fund with Bitcoin, officials believe that a large amount of money is required to stand up and strengthen any terrorist group. In such a situation, the demand for bitcoin increases. Former CIA analyst Yaya Fanusie said that in the next few months you are going to see more of it. They say that now the use of cryptocurrency is being done more by wrong and evil people, this currency is becoming a means of providing funds to terrorists. It has become easier to raise money through a currency like Bitcoin because it cannot be easily traced. The agencies are not even aware of this. They should also pay attention to this. Treasury Secretary Steven Menuchin has drawn attention to the issue in his speeches.

Cryptocurrency rules for depositing money by breaking the law Cryptocurrency has become a great tool for those who break the law. Because they can deposit and transfer money through it. Central agencies do not even catch them easily. If the agencies are monitored, then their accounts can be closed and the funds can be frosted. Anyone living in any corner of the world can receive money through bitcoin, for this, he does not need to provide address and his name and address. Facing US economic sanctions, countries such as Iran, Venezuela, and Russia have taken steps towards creating their own cryptocurrencies. According to experts, bitcoin has not been able to make inroads yet due to its technical reasons, but the exercise is continuing.

The charity-run organization, Hamas, which controls the Palestinian coastal region of Gaza, has traditionally survived multi-million dollar donations from foreign governments such as Qatar. Their financial position was damaged by a Western-backed Palestinian Authority banning an organization like Hamas last year.

Trying to use bitcoin,
Steven Stalinsky, executive director of the Middle East Media Research Institute, reacted to all economic sanctions, saying that we are trying to use bitcoin. Stalinsky’s organization, known as the Memory Organization, is about to publish a 253-page report of growing signs of the use of cryptocurrency by terrorist organizations.

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