How Technology Innovations Are Changing Online Gaming

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Online entertainment is gaining a prestigious reputation. While the internet has been around for a few decades now, it is only recently that it has become an omnipresent aspect of human life. People of all walks of life use the internet freely in 2024. And many of these folks use the web to play games.

Online Gaming: What is it?

Online gaming encompasses any aspect of playing video games online, whether by yourself or with other people. Though the concept is relatively new, it has already become a staple of the gaming industry, where most games today have a competitive co-op mode online.

It is also worth noting that it isn’t just mainstream games that benefit from online gaming. The so-called iGaming industry has been thriving thanks to the rise of online entertainment. For those who may not know, trusted online casinos are a massively popular source of entertainment. The online gambling industry is already a billion-dollar market capable of rivaling land-based casinos.

But how will tech innovations change the online gaming industry in the future? Already, experts have a few ideas and predictions. In this article, we’d like to discuss what gamers are most excited about.

Virtual Reality

Most of us are already familiar with virtual reality. If nothing else, pop culture staples like The Matrix, Tron, and Ready Player One have given us an idea of what a VR game might look like. For a long time, gamers have dreamt about living out their own VR fantasy.

According to many experts, those dreams will soon become reality. Already, virtual reality is a powerful tool in tech. Museums utilize it to create virtual tours, companies and schools give virtual presentations, and even a few game companies have managed to produce VR games.

While these games are not on the level of Tron or The Matrix, experts believe the future those films present is not far off. Even iGaming has managed to produce some viable VR casinos. However, most are social casinos and do not accept real cash. However, that may change shortly.

Artificial Intelligence

Games already make heavy use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. For example, many of the generic character dialogues in games are generated using machine learning. It is an invaluable tool in creating a game where the player can interact with any characters.

However, there is also no denying that many of the dialogues in these games are stiff and repetitive. After all, AI can only get you so far, at least for now. That is right. Most tech experts believe that very shortly, machine learning will be able to generate completely original dialogue, even for the most irrelevant character in a video game.

Indeed, this will help flesh out the gaming world and build up its rich history and lore. However, it is not the only AI use. In online gaming, artificial intelligence can help pair up players of similar ranks to keep the game fun for everyone.

Machine learning could help detect problem gambling, fraud, or cyber-attacks in online gambling. Certainly, this will make an already relatively safe industry much safer. And that is great for everyone involved.

5G Might Just Change Everything

The biggest issue in online gaming is lag. For the uninitiated, lag is the duration between a player’s action and a game’s response. Lag-time has contributed significantly to many players’ frustration and rage when playing online.

However, with the new 5G wireless service, lag might just be a thing of the past. Many tech experts have looked into the 5G technology and determined a few benefits that it brings to the table. Let’s take a look at them, and see how they will impact online gaming.

  • Better Support: 5G can support as many as a million devices connected within an area. When we compare that to the 2000 devices of 4G, the difference is clear.
  • Better Response: 5G offers a much better response time, reducing lag significantly, if not outright eliminating the issue.

Already, 5G networks are prevalent around the world. However, when they reach a certain stage, game developers will be able to create incredible updates and hitherto-unseen enhancements to their games. Indeed, we could call 5G the future of gaming, and it is just around the corner.

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