Cadbury Ad: How To Create Free Ad With Shah Rukh Khan’s Face and Voice

Image: Screenshot from ad

Cadbury is letting customers create an advertisement for their local stores for free with Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan in it. The ad, which is in the form of a video, is starred by the actor, who promotes the local store (could be Kirana, footwear, and electronics) by directly naming the shop. The ad is a part of the company’s ‘NotJustACadburyAd’ campaign that aims to promote local stores. Through a series of videos across its social media channels, Cadbury explains the company wants to help local stores in India that took a big hit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through a dedicated website, customers can create their custom advertisement, led by Shah Rukh Khan. As mentioned, users can create the video ad for free but by providing some information. Cadbury says it is using machine learning and AI technology to recreate the actor’s face and voice to take the local store’s name in the ad. It has set up a dedicated website, ‘,’ to let users create their custom promotional videos. The website notes that the company has partnered with that specialises in creating “studio-quality ads” with an AI-generated narrator. says it is different from deepfakes as it creates “real videos from scratch.” However, Cadbury’s ad creating tool could be considered a deepfake as it recreates a synthetic video through deep neural networks, meaning it tracks movements to make the clip look more authentic.

To create your custom ad with Shah Rukh Khan in it, open the website and select your location. Users can give access to the location or add Pincode manually. Following that, select the category – Footwear, Electronics, and Groceries. The website will ask the name of the shop and other details like the user’s name, WhatsApp number, email ID, and age. Once users provide all the information, the website notes they’ll receive the video on their WhatsApp 30 minutes later. Users are advised to use the Chrome browser for a smooth experience.

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