Best Industries for Digital Marketing Jobs

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To anyone who is not familiar with the concept of digital marketing, the concept might seem a little strange if not widely surreal. As such, a little introduction is provided. Digital marketing is simply using digital platforms for publicity, with the hopes to achieve whatever goals set to attain by the end of the day.

Most industries indulge in one form of marketing or the other, but some industries invest a lot in digital marketing. These industries, which showcase the highest percentage of marketing jobs proffered, due to a survey carried out in 2018 by the American Marketing Association –  create a lot of job opportunities for personnel in the marketing sector.

Digital marketing has proven to be very important with the explosive increase in the number of internet users. Learning about the industries that appreciate the kind of knowledge you’ve harnessed on digital marketing would go a long way in finding yourself the perfect job.

Below, we have listed out 10 Great Industries for Digital Marketing Jobs

10 Great Industries for Digital Marketing Jobs

Website Development / Design Firms

As a digital marketer, you would find many opportunities open to you in website development/design firms. Website developers or designers are simply the ones responsible for everything you see when you log into a site. Their jobs are most times interchangeable. A website developer is responsible for building the website, ensuring speed loading of pages, ensuring the website is user-friendly and easy to access. While a web designer, as the title suggests, oversees the graphics sector.

Social media

Yes, you guessed it. Social media is one of the coolest places to work because everyone loves the internet and its trappings, don’t they? But the job is more tasking than it sounds. It involves a lot more than just tweeting or using WhatsApp or posting for the gram; it takes a lot of commitment and time to work in the social media sector. You would be required to keep up with everything happening on the internet, create quality content always for the media. And social media workers must be highly creative. Instagram has a billion users, which is roughly 14% of all people on earth. Thousands of people leverage this every day, from celebrities to marketers as well.

The best thing about social media is that it intersects with all niches. Whether you’re looking for a job in sports or in tech, there’s always going to be a social media component involved. You just need to marry your interests in other fields with your expertise in social media marketing, and you’re already ahead of the competition.

Content Marketing

This is a very interesting sector. Content creation companies are in constant need of good staff that easily matches up to their standard. To work in a content marketing firm, you must have an excellent grasp of English. The job entails creating a lot of content that would interest anyone irrespective of age group or gender or suited to fit a group of people. They make certain that content goes viral by working through SEO, partnering with other teams, and following up with the latest trends to stay updated on how best to provide and the kind of content people need. NP Digital is one of the biggest content marketing companies globally, with its clientele including Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon.

PPP / SEM Agencies

In every site you log on to, I’m sure you come across billions of ads that either gain your attention or make you want to throw your phone into the nearest trash. Though these ads may sometimes seem annoying, they have proven to help countless people. PPP / SEM agents are the ones responsible for those ads. Working as a PPC/SEM agent would require you to generate reports, refine landing pages, split ads into different sections, and much more.

Visual Reality and Editing Companies

This involves a certain level of high-tech. But if you are one with a great knowledge of technology and a high level of creativity, then this might just be the one for you. It is combining high-tech with good creativity. People who fit in this field are well versed in video arts. With enough graphics, video editing, and special effect skills, you should easily fit into this role.

UX Designing Sector

UX designers are charged with the responsibility of building sites and digital marketing applications. They may either have some basic knowledge of technology or possess certain skills in design. Either way, they would work hand in hand or even ahead of visual designers, keeping a close eye on the site to look out for its malfunctions.

SEO sectors

No matter how good a website is, it would be a total waste if it attracted no traffic. Without traffic being attracted to any business website, there is no way for people to find out about it. As such, it remains in the dark and defeats the whole point of bringing it mainstream. A SEO executive or expert would oversee generating traffic to the website and gaining (high) Google rankings. He/she would also ensure that it is user-friendly and deal with any problem(s) users might encounter as they log in. Voice SEO is an SEO company that allows 31% of smartphone/device users to access the internet by voice commands. Siri, Google Echo, or Alexa devices all have worked with Voice SEO for the best optimization.

Digital Marketing Companies

Of course, digital marketing companies. This is majorly how people come across all the different marketing experts online, through the companies they are registered under. True digital marketing companies look after the overall marketing strategies that would gain more traffic, go as far as organizing digital campaigns, and regularly improve their website. To establish all of these, they employ the best digital marketers.

Analytical Sector

Analysts and Al specialists are pretty much at the bedrock of digital marketing. With each day, there is an increase in every website’s data, with the overwhelming level of internet users. From football jobs to finance jobs, there are always analysis-focused job opportunities in every sector. An analyst’s job is simply to organize all that data and study it in a way to strategize digital marketing. To work here, you would have to background in computer technology, understand programming, machine language, and optimize data.


Digital marketing is all about using digital platforms to promote your business or services, so the education sector cannot be left out. As a school or institution owner, digital marketers are needed in selling the school’s image online. To gain a wider audience and reach potential clients, an educationist would have to promote their services with a digital marketer’s aid.

Wrap Up

There are many digital marketing jobs today that provide individuals with jobs in football marketing and a whole range of sectors. The opportunities are limitless, and you can find the right job for you if you open your eyes to it.

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