CM Punk Makes Return to Wrestling With Debut on AEW Rampage

CM Punk on AEW (Twitter)

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk made a stunning return to pro-wrestling, since leaving the ring in January 2014 as the five-time WWE Champion appeared on AEW Rampage: First Dance show at the United Center in Chicago.

‘The Best in the World’ had left WWE after Royal Rumble 2014 and briefly returned on Fox Network’s WWE Backstage show in 2019 as a guest analyst.

Punk, who became the ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ after his legendary ‘pipebomb’ promo from an episode of 2011 Raw, hugged fans in the crowd at AWE.

Last year, Punk has spoken about his comeback in the squared ring on Renee Young’s Oral Sessions podcast. However, the 42-year-old has also admitted that the landscape of the wrestling world is “currently is much different than when I left,” during the oral session.

Punk had further stressed that people nowadays speculate that he could have gone to AEW. However, if AEW would have been there at his time, WWE would have treated him the way it did.

“You can play the game where you’re like, ‘Oh, AEW was an option, would you have gone right after you left WWE?’ If you are going to play that game, there is no way they (WWE) would have handled it the way they handled it with suspending me for two months and nobody contacting me,” Punk had said.

And to put salt on the wound, after not contacting Punk for two months, WWE had delivered him his release papers on his wedding day.

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