Best fantasy sports to play online ahead of IPL 2023

India loves its sports. Yes, predominantly cricket, but other sports like football, hockey, kabaddi are also gaining momentum. With the rise of interest in mainstream sports, fantasy sports are also becoming highly popular.

Best fantasy sports ahead of IPL 2023

Capitalising on this growing interest for fantasy sports in India, BharatPe co-founder and ex-shark Ashneer Grover launched his new fantasy cricket app just in time for Indian Premier League or IPL 2023. The app called CrickPe is a fantasy game paying cricketers for performance. CrickPe’s app description says that it is the only fantasy game which will reward a percentage of every game pot to real cricketers, based on their actual performance in the match, in proportion to their fantasy points earned. While India gears up for its biggest cricket carnival, we have listed the best fantasy sports you can play meanwhile. But first let’s understand what fantasy games are.

What is fantasy sports?

For the uninitiated, fantasy sport is a form of virtual sport where sports fans participate in various contests and leagues to get close to their favourite game. In this form of sport, the user creates a team of players from an actual match, based on the allocated points, and competes with other users. How the user performs, determines the points earned by his fantasy team.

In this virtual game, the player who earns the highest points wins. You can even get a chance to win real money in these fantasy sports.

Best fantasy sports you can play


For a nation that worships cricket, the sport would inevitably find a place in the fantasy sports world. In fantasy cricket, a user can join platforms like Dream 11, which is the most famous platform for the sport. At any point, there are plenty of leagues taking place globally across all formats- the Indian Premier League, World Cup, T20 games or any other cricket fixture. In fantasy cricket, you can build a virtual team of real cricket players and then points are scored based on how those players perform in real-life matches.


The next biggest sport after cricket in India, football has a tremendously huge viewership. In fantasy football, users build an imaginary team of real-life footballers and score points based on the actual statistical performance of the players or their perceived contribution on the field of play. Participants can even win real money in the process. Noted brands like Arabian Gulf League, Paytm, and Excel Group have their own fantasy football platforms, taking fantasy sports to a whole new level.


Basketball might not be as popular in India, but globally, it is one of the most recognised sports, as well as in the world of fantasy sports. The United States is one of the most predominant participants in fantasy basketball. In this sport, the user has to take on the role of General Manager for the different basketball teams in the National Basketball Association, popularly known as NBA. As the GM, participants can select players to add to their team based on their statistics and play full-blown matches.


It is the only live fantasy sport where each shot matters. Users can utilise their in-depth golf knowledge to compete against both friends and the public. It works much like all other forms of fantasy sports. Each participant builds their team using real-life golfers and then points are scored based on how these golfers perform in golf tournaments, with games typically following the US PGA Tour and the European Tour.

Auto racing

All fans of Formula One, unite! If the happiest part of your life looks like waiting for Sundays, there’s good news. This fantasy sport is a fast-paced real-time online multiplayer racing game. In this game, players are the fantasy team owners, who select a roster of drivers to earn points according to actual race results. The scores of individual players are then sorted within a league of players to determine weekly, periodic, and championship winners. These games can be free or pay-to-play with cash or merchandise as prizes.

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