Vijay Goyal is campaigning to increase pollution by opposing the Odd Even scheme – Sanjay Singh

Vijay Goel Challan
Image Source: ANI

New Delhi: To deal with pollution in Delhi-NCR, the Kejriwal government of Delhi has implemented Odd-Even scheme from November 4 to November 15. With the implementation of this scheme, politics have become hot. Meanwhile, BJP leader and MP Vijay Goel announced the symbolic opposition to this scheme by tweeting.

On this, Aam Aadmi Party leader Sanjay Singh said that the public in Delhi is fighting against pollution in collaboration with Arvind Kejriwal and is cooperating in Odd-Even. Vijay Goyal is fighting against the people and is campaigning to increase pollution.

According to news agency ANI, Singh said, “It shows how polluted the BJP’s mentality has become.” With what misfortune are they working? Uttar Pradesh has 8 of the most polluted cities in the country. Pollution is also at its highest level in Haryana and Punjab. BJP is not worried about there. The BJP is putting all its energy in increasing pollution in Delhi and how to counter it. People all understand who is working for whom. ”

He questioned PM Modi whether it was wrong to run Odd-even to stop pollution. He said, “PM Narendra Modi! If you ran Swachh Bharat campaign, then Arvind Kejriwal Ji and our party people supported your campaign by cleaning the slums. Is it wrong to run an Odd-even campaign to stop pollution? Is Vijay Goyal Ji opposed to BJP and at your behest? ”

Let us tell you how much the level of politics has fallen, Vijay Goel had said that the Delhiites who gave 66 MLAs to Mr. Kejriwal, they stunned the Delhiites with pollution. Sitting in the government for 5 years, they are unable to count any work against pollution.

Goyal had tweeted and said, “All environmental organizations show that there is no benefit from Odd-even. I will leave my car on the streets of Delhi tomorrow to oppose this drama of Odd-Even. ”

Let us know that many states including Delhi-NCR are troubled by pollution poisoning. The climate of Delhi and the stagnation has become low. The air quality index here is above the critical category. The entire atmosphere is wrapped in a sheet of mist and smoke. People are having difficulty in breathing. Health emergency has been installed here.