“Regionalism” A political agenda to rule

“Regionalism” A political agenda to rule
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India’s diversity and variation of culture are responsible for the growth of regionalism. Almost every Indian state has its own culture, language and climate conditions which make this country more colorful and confusing at the same time as these variations also bring various challenges for India’s peaceful condition. In the present scenario, India is more diverse then unites.
It is really very difficult to minimize the regional differences as each region differs from other in so many grounds and this opens a loop for political parties to rule over regionalism. Almost every state party has this agenda of regionalism. And these days regional has become an effective ideology for political business but as a citizen of a democratic Nation, we are more responsible for this political propaganda because for us our region and religion is more valuable then nationalism. Political parties’ attempts regionalism to gain power whereas people support them for political autonomy and this result into revolts and conflicts like demand for Khaalistan and Gorkhaland hence it emerge as a internal security threat for Nation and also affect the normal situation of the country as sometime a regions demands become National demand and it give political businessman an opportunity to play dirty. It is true that if a region develops then it is the development of that whole nation but till when people consider themselves part of that nation infect globally no one is going to recognize you by your region or religion they will identify you by your nation so why demand for only a region when the Whole country can be yours. We should make a system of national education that would help to overcome regional feeling and develop an attachment towards the nation as we cannot unite people forcefully and communication is the only solution of every conflict. We just have to develop a sense of duty towards our nation.