Rajiv Gandhi Birth Anniversary: ​​read interesting things related to Rajiv Gandhi’s life

Rajiv Gandhi 75 Birth Anniversary
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Rajiv Gandhi was a gentleman who consulted with other party leaders and did not make hasty decisions. After the assassination of his mother on 31 October 1984, Rajiv was sworn in as Prime Minister on the same day and he was elected the leader of the Congress party a few days later. He led the party to a landslide victory in the December 1984 general election and his administration took vigorous steps to reform the government bureaucracy and liberalize the country’s economy. He is called the father of information technology and communication revolution in the country. Today is the 75th birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Born on 20 August 1944, Rajiv Gandhi became the youngest PM of the country.

Albina Mineo aka Sonia Gandhi, who belongs to a middle family. Rajiv-Sonia never imagined that she would fall in love with the lamp of India’s influential Gandhi family and change her life. It is 1965. When Albina went to Cambridge to complete her English studies, but due to the delicate situation at home, she worked part-time in a restaurant, she met Rajiv Gandhi. Did not know when the meeting turned into love. And the process of love has started. Rajiv’s eyes convinced Sonia. We have heard a lot about love stories at first sight, but the stories of their love proved this. The two fell in love with each other.

Rajiv Gandhi remained out of politics as long as his brother Sanjay Gandhi was alive, Sanjay Gandhi was a powerful political personality he died in an air crash on June 23, 1980, this brought Rajiv into political life. He was elected to the Lok Sabha by-election in June 1981 and became a member of the National Executive of the Youth Congress in the same month.

Attack on Rajiv Gandhi in Sri Lanka Even in the year 1987,
Rajiv Gandhi was attacked in Sri Lanka. The attack was done by Sri Lankan Navy soldier Vijitha Rohana Vijemuni with the butt of the rifle when Rajiv Gandhi visited thereafter sending peace forces to Sri Lanka. During this, Rajiv Gandhi reached very close to the soldiers while inspecting the Guard of Honor, when he carried out this attack. However, he narrowly survived the attack due to the alertness of Rajiv Gandhi’s security personnel. After this, he was arrested and court-martialed.

When Dia Isifa resigned from the post of Prime Minister in 1989, he remained the leader of the Congress Party. During his prime ministership, the issue of the commission taken by the Indian Army for the purchase of Bofors cannon, whose character was Ottavio Quattrocchi, a citizen of Italy. The Congress lost the next election and Rajiv had to step down from the post of Prime Minister. There was little chance of Congress winning in the next elections and Rajiv Gandhi becoming Prime Minister again. On 21 May 1991, Rajiv Gandhi was going to address an election rally from Sriperumbudur, about 30 miles from Madras, when he died in a suicide bomb attack.

The pain of Rajiv’s assassination is the pain of Rajiv Gandhi’s killer Prabhakaran who gave the country after his death. Rajiv Gandhi was connecting with the public. There was no restriction on visiting Rajiv to meet him. Many times, the public would take Rajiv in such a way that cannot be imagined today. LTTE chief Prabhakaran and his team took advantage of this and prepared a creepy conspiracy to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi also sent Indian troops to peace efforts in Sri Lanka during his prime ministership, but as a result, he himself came under the target of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Alam [LTTE]. He was blown up in Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu when he was going to address an election rally. On 21 May 1991, Rajiv Gandhi reached the venue of the rally at around 10.10 pm. They were seated in the front seat of the car and greeted everyone as they descended.

Rajeev had allowed the attacker to come near moving towards the stage, a female suicide bomber Dhanu tried to garland him, then Sub Inspector Ansuiya stopped him. However, at the behest of Rajiv Gandhi, he was allowed to come to the garland. Dhanu garlanded them and as she bent down to touch his feet, she pressed the button of the bomb tied to her waist. A loud explosion occurred and then everything went numb. This explosion killed Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi’s killer Prabhakaran is still suffering from the wounds he gave to the country before his death. Rajiv Gandhi was connecting with the public. Many times, the public would take Rajiv in such a way that cannot be imagined today. On 15 March 2009, Prabhakaran was killed by the Sri Lankan army in a fierce attack on the last LTTE stronghold in the Wani region of Mullaitivu.

A look here too Rajiv Gandhi was born on 20 August 1944 in Mumbai. Rajiv Gandhi was the great-grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru and the son of Feroze Gandhi and the first female Prime Minister of the country, Indira Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi was the leading General Secretary of the Congress Party [since 1981], and became the Prime Minister of the country [1984–1989] after his mother was killed. Rajiv Gandhi was married to Sonia Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi has two children, son Rahul Gandhi, and daughter Priyanka Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi and his younger brother Sanjay Gandhi [1946–1980] were educated at the prestigious Doon School in Dehradun. After this Rajiv Gandhi enrolled in Imperial College, London and completed an engineering course from Cambridge University [1965]. On returning home, he obtained a commercial pilot’s license and started working with Indian Airlines from 1968. May 21,