Rahul Gandhi is Muslim by birth, Feroz Jahangir was born in a Parsi family

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The Gandhi family has a distinct identity in the politics of the country. Only Gandhi and Nehru families in the country were the ones who have a connection with the politics of the country. Today is the birthday of Feroze Gandhi, a special member of the Gandhi family. Feroze Gandhi was born on 12 September 1912. He was a politician as well as a journalist. Apart from this, he was also a member of the Lok Sabha. Feroze Gandhi was married to former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Feroze Gandhi had two sons named Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi.

Life Introduction

Feroze Gandhi was born in Mumbai to a Parsi family. His father’s name was Jahangir and mother’s name was Ratimai. He used to live in Nauroji Natakwala Bhawan in Khetwadi locality in Mumbai. Feroze’s father Jahangir Kilik was an engineer, who was later promoted as a warrant engineer. Feroze was the youngest of his siblings, his two brothers Dorab and Faridun Jahangir and two sisters, Tehmina Karshash and Aloo Dastur. Feroze’s family was originally a resident of Bharuch in South Gujarat, his ancestral home still in Kotpariwad.

Education was initiated in Allahabad

Feroze Gandhi’s education was initiated in Allahabad itself. After his father’s death in the early 1920s, Feroze moved with his mother to live with his unmarried aunt Shirin Commissariat in Allahabad, a surgeon at the city’s Lady Dufferin Hospital. It was in Allahabad itself that Feroze received his early education at Vidya Mandir High School, after which he graduated from Ewing Christian College.

The Gandhi family has a distinct identity in the politics of the country. Only Gandhi and Nehru families in the country were the ones who have a connection with the politics of the country

Feroze Gandhi was in love with Indira Gandhi. Indira’s father Jawaharlal Nehru did not want his daughter to get married in any other religion, even after that Indira Gandhi was not ready to accept him in any way. She married Feroze Gandhi against her father’s will. The love story of both was also discussed, it is said that both met in 1930. Indira’s mother Kamla Nehru was staging a protest in front of a college in the freedom struggle, during which she fainted. Feroze was present there at the time, after he fainted he went to the hospital with him, Feroze took great care of him, after that he used to visit Kamla Nehru’s house often to know about his well being, during this time between him and Indira Gandhi The proximity grew, then when Feroze started living in Allahabad, he used to go to Anand Bhavan, from where both of his love grew and finally both got married.

Feroze married Indira without the consent of Gandhi family

Indira to Feroze Both married in 1942 in 1942. Jawaharlal Nehru was against this marriage, but later both of them got married in Allahabad due to Mahatma Gandhi falling in between. Bapu also gave his surname to Feroze. During the Quit India movement, India and Feroze went to jail together. It is said that there were battles between Indira and Feroze after marriage.

Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi were born in 1949 to two sons, Feroze and Indira. They were named Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi. After having both sons, Indira left Feroze to take care of her father’s house, Sanjay stayed in Lucknow at that time, after Indira’s father moved, Feroze started a movement against the Nehru government and many big scams. Exposed. When the two were separated, Feroze Gandhi’s health began to deteriorate. When Indira Gandhi came to know about this, she went to him for his care, till the end she was present with Sanjay Gandhi. Feroze Gandhi died of a heart attack on 8 September 1960.

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