Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, secretary told the media person ‘I will beat you’, video viral

Priyanka Gandhi
Image Source: The Hindu

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra reached Umbha village in Ghoraval Kotwali area on Tuesday. It is the same village where 10 people were killed and 28 injured in the July 17 massacre. Meanwhile, Priyanka Vadra was assaulted and indecently assaulted by her personal secretary Sandeep Singh from a media person covering the tour. The special thing is that this whole incident happened in front of Priyanka. The Congress leader even threatened to hit the media person. The video of this fight has gone viral on social media. On Wednesday, the police have registered a case of assault and abusive speech, after Nitish Kumar Pandey, a media person, demanded a lawsuit in Ghorval Kotwali.

According to Nitish Kumar Pandey, a TV channel journalist, he was going behind the convoy for coverage. Meanwhile, Priyanka Gandhi was beaten up by Sandeep Singh, a personal secretary to Vadra. Harassment with the cameraman also put his hand on the camera. However, other people there intervened to calm the matter. Please tell that Sandeep Singh has been the president of JNU Students’ Union on the ticket of AISA. In every visit of Priyanka Gandhi, this person is notorious for mistreating journalists and activists. On Tuesday, when Priyanka Gandhi was in Vadra Sonbhadra, Sandeep Singh behaved the same. The video of the fight is also going viral.

Don’t disturb us by taking money from BJP

The viral video shows the journalist questioning Priyanka about ending Article 370, but Priyanka’s colleagues are pushing her back. The journalist tried to ask Priyanka a question, then Sandeep Singh came there and said, “Listen, listen to me, I will play here … You will fall if I beat you.” During this time the journalist kept shouting that Priyanka Ji see in front of you that your worker is threatening to kill… you are being pushed on camera. Meanwhile, Sandeep Singh also appeared saying, ‘Don’t disturb us by taking money from BJP … I don’t mind’.

Stop pretending to wipe the tears …

Mrityunjay Kumar, media advisor to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, tweeted this video by ‘tagging’ to stop Sonbhadra’s drama of wiping away the tears of the poor. He wrote that ‘Priyanka! Stop the drama of wiping the tears of the poor of Sonbhadra, please! … Where are the media’s cry for freedom, when Priyanka Vadra’s secretary is misbehaving with a journalist and she is not saying anything … But the Uttar Pradesh government is committed to protecting journalists.

This incident happened in Sonbhadra

In the massacre on July 17 in Umbha village over land acquisition, 10 people were killed and 28 were injured. In this case 28 were named, including village head Yajnadatta Bhurtia, who had taken possession of the land, while a case was registered against 50 unknown. A total of 55 arrests have been made in this case so far. In this case, on July 19, when Priyanka was going to Sonbhadra to meet the victims, she was stopped in Mirzapur itself. The victims were later summoned to the Chunar Guest House and introduced to Priyanka. Just then, Priyanka came to her promise to meet the victims.

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