Pankaj Shankar will make web series on Rahul Gandhi’s failures

Pankaj Shankar and rahul gandhi Webseries
Image: ANI

New Delhi: Pankaj Shankar, a longtime loyalist to the Gandhi family, has targeted the top leadership of the Congress for the decline in the party’s performance and is creating a web┬áseries on Rahul Gandhi’s alleged failures.

Former journalist Pankaj Shankar has had year s of association with the Congress and the Gandhi family. He said that only Priyanka Gandhi Vadra can change the fate of the Congress, but Sonia Gandhi’s son Moh is becoming an obstacle in the progress of her daughter in the Congress.

Shankar said, “Creating a web series is my attempt to show a mirror to the Congress leadership so that I can tell them that the reality is far beyond their understanding.” Shankar worked in the media affairs management for Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in the recent Lok Sabha elections and he also runs a WhatsApp group about their events.

When asked about this by Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala, he said that Shankar has never worked for neither Sonia Gandhi nor Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Surjewala said that he has not been associated with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra either and he is not even in her office.