Google Shows Sonia Gandhi’s Pictures When You Search ‘Italian Bar Dancer’

Italian Bar Dancer
Image: metrosaga

In a shocking and unacceptable mistake, Interim Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s photographs appeared when a search was done for ‘Italian Bar Dancer’ on the Google Search Engine.

The incident has come to light after Arnab Goswami’s attack

A few days ago, popular journalist Arnab Goswami alleged an attack on him saying the attack could have had interim Congress President Sonia Gandhi as the mastermind. In a video message that he posted later, Arnab questioned Sonia’s silence over the recent lynching incidents and also brought out many topics related to her Italian descent.

Since then, many have taken a keen interest in Sonia Gandhi’s past, which has led to the widespread search on Google.

Google’s algorithm could need a quick correction

In a major blip by the search engine giant, Google displays pictures of Sonia Gandhi when you search the keywords ‘Italian Bar Dancer’.

The pictures are mostly bad photoshops while there are a couple of memes and pictures of Sonia’s younger days with Rajiv Gandhi in the search results.

Italian Bar Dancer
Image: metrosaga

This has not been the first mistake by Google

In the past too, Google’s search engine results have been unacceptable, even to the extent that the giant had to issue an apology.

In 2015, a search for ‘World’s Most Stupid Prime Minister’ resulted in PM Narendra Modi’s pictures, which was deemed very inappropriate by the citizens of the country. Most recently too, at the end of March, the keyword ‘COVIDIOTS’ resulted in pictures of Mr.Modi.

Going by all this, Google must seriously fix its algorithm at the earliest.