Article 370: Rahul’s U-turn said- Neighborhood is provoking violence in Kashmir

Article 370 Rahul's U-turn
Image Source: HuffPost

Rahul Gandhi, who surrounded the Modi government at the Center on Kashmir Issue, has now supported the government by taking the U-Turn. He has said that Kashmir is an internal matter of India. There is no place for Pakistan or any other country to interfere in this matter. The violence in Kashmir is due to incitement by Pakistan. Pakistan is a major supporter of terrorism worldwide.

Article 370 Rahul's U-turn

Rahul Gandhi tweeted one after the other on Wednesday. In the first tweet, he wrote, ‘I disagree with the government on many issues, but want to make it clear that Kashmir is India’s internal issue. There is no place for Pakistan or any other country to interfere in this.

Shortly after this, Rahul Gandhi made a dastardly attack on Pakistan by making another tweet. Rahul wrote, ‘Violence is taking place in Jammu and Kashmir. This violence is happening because Pakistan is instigating and supporting it. Pakistan is a country which has been identified as a country promoting terrorism worldwide.

In fact, this shocking statement of Rahul Gandhi has come to light when the Pakistan government has allegedly used a statement of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in a complaint to the United Nations on the Kashmir issue. The Congress party is on full backfoot after these media reports surfaced. Congress spokesperson Surjewala has issued a statement clarifying.

Surjewala said on Wednesday that we have seen such reports in which Rahul Gandhi’s name has been mischievously dragged by the Pakistani government on the alleged petition given to the United Nations on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. This is so that the lies being spread by Pakistan can be proved to be true. No one in the world should doubt that Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh were integral parts of India, and always will be… Pakistan’s deceptive tactics will not change this reality.

Earlier on 24 August, a delegation of opposition parties led by Rahul Gandhi reached Srinagar. However, after a huge uproar at the airport, everyone was sent back to Delhi. The then Congress president Rahul Gandhi had condemned the central government for detaining senior leaders, accusing the central government of suppressing the voice of democracy in Kashmir. He said that he would take stock of the situation in Kashmir himself.

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