Article 370, Kashmiri is free now, restores Jammu and Kashmir restructuring bill passed from Lok Sabha

Article 370- Kashmiri is free now

Jammu-Kashmir reorganization bill passed from the Lok Sabha also. That is, the way has been cleared to make it a union territory. Three bills were passed in the Lok Sabha. In which 35 votes in the favor of Jammu Kashmir reorganization bill and 72 in the opposition were cast. On the other hand, in Jammu and Kashmir, 366 votes were cast in support of the Reservation Bill, while 66 votes were cast by the opposition. In the favor of the third Rajya Sabha from the Central Government-ruled bills, 367 and 67 votes have been cast in favor. During this time, the Samajwadi Party walked out of the House.

Amit Shah, the world will remember Narendra Modi

Earlier, Home Minister Amit Shah introduced the bill in the House. PM Modi is also present in the Parliament. Home Minister Amit Shah responded on the restructuring bill. Amit Shah said that the 70-year-old season is ending. I bow to PM Modi’s strong will. The entire country will remember Modi to remove Article 370. Shah said that the opponents also wanted Article 370 to be removed from Kashmir. Amit Shah said that Congress had amended Article 370 twice. Without naming the Congress party, the Home Minister has tainted him. He said that the issue of Kashmir was taken to the United Nations with Nehru.

Amit Shah’s reply to the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Bill in the Lok Sabha:

Corruption in Jammu and Kashmir regarding Section 370

-Hadra 370 only for three families

-Section 370 blocks the development of J&K

-Jammu Kashmir was strangled for section 370

-Center’s money did not reach the people of Jammu

-Curfew imposed because the situation did not deteriorate

-The situation in Kashmir is normal, people are happy

-Section 370 Barrier to Democracy

-Section 370 anti women

-Section 370 promotes terrorism

-Dhara 370 increase poverty in Jammu and Kashmir

-Jammu Kashmir does not have child marriage laws

-Apply the people of the valley and talk to them

It will not take 70 years to build a state again.

In 1975, the Congress had made the entire country as a Union Territory, Nehru had said that Article 370 is temporary, take a proper decision on Ladakh, we will not take 70 years for proper time.

POK and Siachen is ours – Amit Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah said Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and we can give our life to save it. Shah said: ‘I have to say the ballots POK and Aksai Chin to say my Jammu and Kashmir.’ Shah said that in 1965 Pakistan forces encroached on India. If the army had not been stopped at that time then the POK would have been ours today. He said that sections 370 and 371 cannot be compared

Sonia Gandhi uneasy about Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary’s statement during discussion

It is significant that during the discussion on the restructuring bill, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary strongly opposes the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Bill. In reply to the bill, Adhir Ranjan said that since 1948 till now the United Nations (UN) has been monitoring the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, how can this be an internal matter. This statement of Ranjan Chaudhary also made Sonia Gandhi angry.

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