What to Look for in a Mobile App Development Agency

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Mobile apps can be a great addition to your marketing strategy, an important tool for customer onboarding, or a great way to monetise an idea you have. Before doing all this though, you need to have the app developed. There are so many mobile app development agencies that it can be difficult to find who will develop the exact app you need. You can simplify this process by knowing what to look for and having selection criteria.

Check the Services They Provide

Mobile app development entails not only the code that makes the app run but also the design (UI and UX) that makes the app usable. A mobile app development agency should provide services that help take your idea from the prototyping stage to testing and release.

These include design, development, user and team testing and ultimately deployment. All of these services require technical expertise and experience to get right.

Check Their Portfolio

Anyone can call themselves a mobile app developer, but there is no way of knowing whether that is true unless they have a body of work behind them. Most app development agencies have a website where they showcase their portfolio. This is what will let you know whether they can provide you with what you are looking for.

When researching the right agency for app development in London, you should also check that their portfolio includes apps in your specific niche. This is because the skills required for each niche are different. For example, mobile app developers in the UK who create ecommerce apps might not necessarily have the skills to create an app for your new blockchain game.

The Technologies in Use

You should also ask about the technology stacks they use for their app development. The best mobile app developers in London use different tech stacks for different apps. For example, some use React Native based on JavaScript, some Kotlin, some Java and others C++. The different tech stacks used dictate things like app complexity, security, speed, and device specification requirements to run the app.

Turnaround Times

It is perfectly understandable for a mobile development agency to deliver a finished app in a few months if it is a complex app. However, the fast-paced nature of today’s business environment makes this delivery timeline unviable for a lot of businesses.

This is the primary reason why the best mobile app developers in London ship can get you online in weeks instead of months. Doing so lets you quickly take advantage of what is going on in the market which gives you a massive competitive advantage. The best mobile app development agency will have metrics on how fast they ship apps that you can look at which you can augment with the experiences of past clients.

Additional Support

Whether paid or free, the mobile app agency you hire should provide support services, especially in the first few months of the app’s deployment. This is when they should help squash bugs, add features and ensure the app works as expected.

Mobile apps are becoming very important for different types of businesses. To ensure the best results, you should hire an app development agency with the right experience and with demonstrated experience and results based on their portfolio and testimonials from past clients.