The Popularity of TV Wall Mounting in Brisbane

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The City of Brisbane is located in the southeast corner of Queensland, with a population of 2.6 million. The city is home to over 533 families, with an average of 3 persons per household.

According to history, the first televisions arrived in Brisbane in 1949, where a public demonstration in Lennon’s Hotel was held. The event was sponsored by Australia’s Shell Company, sending the first television from Great Britain.

These days, television sets have evolved from cathode tubes to flat screens connecting to global channels. What’s also surprising is the installation process. It has deviated from the previous decade where televisions were racked on a floor stand and have now shifted to tv wall mounting in brisbane.

Get a Modern Look with a Wall Mounted Television

One of the main reasons why most people move their televisions off the floor is to save space. But aside from that, wall-mounted sets also create a modern look. It leaves the idea of putting the television on a stand, so it sits with other entertainment equipment or a library of books.

Wall mounting your television also revamps the look of a room to give it a modern appeal. In addition, a sleek TV design is greatly emphasised when it is hanging on the wall compared to one sitting on a rack. 

Moreover, as opposed to standing mounting, wall mounting gives you the ability to explore the advantages of a better view. There are wall mounts that allow you to adjust the screen to have a better viewing angle. Wall-mounted televisions are, nonetheless, the better option if you want to have modern-looking floor space.

Protect Your Television from Any Potential Damage

Families, especially those with young children, opt to have a tv wall mounting in brisbane to protect their properties from potential damages. Unfortunately, small children are often precarious and oblivious of the problems they cause when playing.

Television screens are prone to damages, and a small gash can leave an unpleasant viewing experience. So, for families with growing children or pets, having their television sets wall mounted removes the equipment from harm’s way.

If you have an entire room dedicated to a home entertainment system, installing the television where it is not easily accessible to young kids and pets can provide the needed safety. Keeping the home entertainment system at a distance is far better than one that can become an easy target for flying toys and rambunctious dogs and children.

Get Better Performance and Flexibility with a Wall-mounted TV

Studies have been conducted on wall-mounted televisions versus those that are placed on a rack. One of the factors that affect the functionality of your home entertainment system is the viewing factor.

Wall-mounted entertainment screens provide better picture quality because it meets your eye level. Unlike traditional stands where you need to adjust your viewing, a TV wall mounting installation ensures that your home entertainment centre is aligned with your eyesight levels when sitting.

Moreover, there is greater flexibility with wall-mounted television sets compared to a traditional floor stand. For example, some mounts allow you to tilt the television or have articulated arms for viewing adjustments.

Compared to the traditional setting where televisions were placed on a rack or a free-standing floor stand, more and more families in Brisbane opt to have their entertainment sets installed on the walls because of its inherent benefits.