How to Use Podcasts to Build a Brand

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One of the hottest entertainment trends for the past few years now has been podcasts. It seems like new ones are popping up all the time and what used to be rare has become mainstream. You can find a podcast on just about every topic hosted by everyone from novices to experts to celebrities. It seems everyone is getting on board the podcast trend. And while there is certainly that entertainment value there, as a business owner have you ever thought about how you can use a podcast to build your brand?

Podcasts offer up some rather unique benefits, not to mention they can attract a very broad listener base. So here are some specific ways in which you can use a podcast to build a brand.

Make Sure Your Podcast Sticks Out

You’ll need to get started on making a plan as soon as possible. The plan needs to detail the focus of the podcast, the tone, the topics, whether or not you’ll have guests and how you can be unique. You need to stand out from the competition and being unique ensures that. The worst thing you can do is come off as a carbon copy of an already existing podcast.

Create a Strict Schedule

Now it’s time to consider what the schedule will be. Remember, once you choose the schedule you need to stay committed to it. This is how you build a loyal audience. Your listeners need to know your routine so they know when to expect new podcasts.

Make Sure the Content Feels Organic

How will you give the brand a voice on the podcast? In other words, how will you tie the content to your company in a way that doesn’t come across as advertising? A podcast isn’t meant to feel like a 90-minute commercial outlining the company and its services. It needs to feel organic or you won’t be able to retain your audience.

Promote Your Podcast as Often as Possible

The whole point of creating a podcast is to build an audience that starts to trust in you, recognizes your brand, and wants to learn more. To do that, you need to promote the podcast as often as possible. Many people find that it’s best to market the podcast on social media networks, as those are the busiest platforms nowadays.

Make Sure the Podcast Comes Across Professional

Before you rush into creating your first podcast and sharing it with the public, you need to be sure it comes across as professional. Remember, it is representing your brand so it needs to be sleek. That means using high-quality equipment, software and tools to ensure the best sound quality possible. It also needs to be user-friendly, especially if this is your first time creating a podcast. You can find free recording software for your podcast at

Using a podcast to build your brand and get the word out can be a very effective tool. It’s important to remember, however, that it will take time, dedication, hard work and focus. Don’t expect results overnight. Rather, they will grow with each passing episode.