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Many people want to keep up with the world trends in terms of fashion. But clothes that involve the idea of animal fur or something close to that might not be well suited for some people, and it might very well be because the idea of wearing something made out of animal hide is upsetting or uncomfortable for them. It is why ideas like faux fur jackets and clothes, or in other terms fake fur jackets and clothes, have come up. They have been very upcoming, and people have started to show their interest in it, not only in Australia but, in fact, also all around the world.


Faux fur is another name for fake fur, which is made from a fabric called pile and built so that it gives the appearance of animal fur. Pile fabric is a combination of acrylic, modacrylic, and polyester fibres. Since it does not involve any animal product use, it is environmentally friendly, and it should be taken as an acceptable alternative to actual animal fur.

Faux fur is also viewed as vegan fur, and though faux fur jackets are not as warm as actual animal fur jackets, they are still pretty warm, and they can be weaved and knitted into many items to provide heat.


Although many people call faux fur a general knockoff of real animal fur, it might be hard to believe. Still, faux fur has many advantages over real fur since it is more resistant to insect damage, it can survive in humid weather conditions better while in storage.


Nothing is more satisfying than making your clothes last for an extended period. But this is only possible if one takes good care of their clothes. The same goes with faux fur clothing. If you want it to last long, then you have to take care of it. Although it is recommended that you wash your faux fur clothes at home by hand washing to protect them from harsh treatment by the washing machine, you can always give your faux fur items dry cleaning. While hand washing your jackets, remember to opt for a large container to do the washing in, preferably a bathtub. Use a gentle and calm detergent and swish and rub them for a good 10 – 15 mins. After that, rinse it in water and leave it to dry.


Unreal fur has cheaper jackets and clothing items. They believe that this world should be animal cruelty-free, and hence they are working against it by proving that fake fur can be a better option. The clothes they offer have a wide variety you can choose from, and their clothes are very trendy. They actually offer a size guide, so you can never go wrong with the size you order. They make their products with quality and for long-term use without any hassle. The good thing about these coats and jackets is that one can wear them season after season!

Honestly, faux fur clothing helps the environment to a reasonable extent, and it has benefits. But there is really no reason as to why faux fur should only be considered fake. Secretly we all think that animal fur is 100 times better because of the quality and texture difference. But this is not the case at all! It is all because of the difference in fabric, and now you know why faux fur is better and more practical than animal fur. It is always better to know the facts before concluding.