Everything You Should Need to Know About KBC Lottery 2022

Kon Banega Crorepati, or KBC, is known as one of the popular shows in India. The show is showing famous that people even leave their work to sit and before the television. Almost all the family members in India enjoy the show together. One of the significant reasons why KBC is more popular is Amitabh Bachchan.

Amitabh Bachchan is the face of this show. People love his anchoring. Keep in consideration that KBC has another lottery system. It allows you to win millions of rupees. It is essential to keep in mind that some fake websites on the internet are using the KBC lottery as well as cheat ordinary people. In order to avoid this fraud, you should always use the KBC Official Website to stay away from fake websites.

What is on the website?

When you enter the official website, there is an excellent interface, and other websites have a different interface. You can find the lottery winners of the past while scrolling down. The website allows you to find the list of winners, money check, list their information, date of winning of the lottery. In this way, everyone can easily verify that wither this platform is real or fake.

No doubt, KBC is known as the most popular show in the whole of India country as well as in the Asia Pacific. Only the official website of KBC is capable of providing all authentic information because other platforms lack it. Official KBC website has all the proof in order to become the only trusted website.

Beware of fake websites.

Bear in consideration that there are numerous criminal organizations. These organizations use fake numbers with fake websites to fool ordinary people. It is all done to find maximum traffic for the website. Moreover, these websites also call themselves the legal authority by posting fake proofs.

One of the big indications of fake platforms is, they will always demand money for you to win at KBC mega prize that is 25 lakh rupees. These websites trap people with various tricks, and people also fall into it.

The official and real website of the KBC lottery won’t need personal information or contact number. It means that the website is legal and safe.

How to register for the lottery?

As is mentioned above, only the fake websites ask for your address, contact number as well as other personal information. There is a great need to know that the official KBC lottery website has great access to all the information needed for the KBC lottery.

All you have to do is just call the official number of the website for your registration. After that, you will get a lottery serial number on the mobile phone. You have to save this number. Otherwise, you can lose 25 lakh rupees. Check the winner list on the website as they update about the winner daily.

There is the fact that the lottery of KBC has significantly changed the way of life for several people as it is directly linked to the main show. Along with this, the significant purpose of the lottery is you help poor people in order to improve their lifestyle.

Here is the KBC 2021 lottery winners 25 lakh list

NoKBC Winner NameLottery AmountLottery NumberWinner Mobile Number
1Mr.Mrinalini Dubey25,00,00098300902******790
2Mr.Aarti Jagtap25,00,00089910837******901
3Ms.Pooja Vastrkar50,00,0000077677******880
4Ms.Runa Saha25,00,00000878889******701
5Mr.Phoolbasan Bai Yada25,00,00088910786******125
6Mr.Padma Shri50,00,0001122771******170

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