Benefits to Having Breast Reduced

Benefits to Having Breast Reduced

Breasts are one of the most important assets a woman can possess. They’re the foundation of our health and well-being, and they help regulate our body temperature. But there are other benefits to having breast reduction surgery. Here are five of them:

1. You’ll Look Great

The breasts are one of the most visible features of a woman. When they’re reduced, you’ll look much more confident and attractive. People will be drawn to your curves, and you’ll feel more self-chieftain. This is also true if you have larger than normal breasts for your frame and age group or if you simply want to make the best use of your boobs.

2. You Will Feel Better

Your breasts often get in the way when you need to move around. It may be painful, not possible, or even physically impossible to do things that require mobility. Whether you are trying to catch a bus or hop on an airplane, it just becomes easier with smaller breasts. And if you don’t like how big your breasts are, by all means, consider reducing them!

3. Better Health

It’s not uncommon for women to suffer from chest pain or back discomfort due to swollen busts. With breast reduction surgery, this problem goes away. You’ll no longer need to wear uncomfortable bras because your new smaller breasts will fit you better. Wearing a bra with less padding should improve your posture as well. Some of the signs you need breast reduction include severe back pain and shoulder pain. If you experience these symptoms, discuss your concerns with your doctor.

4. No More Nursing Bottles

Since infancy, if you’ve been nursing, then your breasts are probably very large. Breastfeeding is the main source of nourishment for many mothers, so it can be hard not to nurse after giving birth. However, if you decide to continue nursing, the size of your breasts can cause problems. The milk ducts might get blocked over time and become irritated. In addition, your nipples can become sore and cracked. These issues can be especially problematic for mothers who work outside the home. So what happens if you choose to stop breastfeeding and need replacement? Well, you can opt for a breast pump to relieve yourself of the burden of pumping bottles.

5. Your Bust Line Will Be Much Improved

Breast enlargement surgeries can leave a lot of scarring and indentations from the incisions. As such, a “bust line” forms at the top and bottom of your breasts – this area looks different depending on which surgeon did your operation. A typical result would be a vertical dark line across the front of each breast. Fortunately, you can reduce the scarring if you have your procedure done through liposuction instead. Lipo breast reduction doesn’t leave any scars, except for minor ones from the incision, and the appearance is much improved.

6. You Can Wear Bras Again

Bras are uncomfortable putting on and taking off, even if you have small breasts. They usually sit too low for comfort and too far forward to allow proper cleavage. Some bras simply won’t go over certain sizes of breasts at all. But having bigger breasts makes it difficult to find bras that fit properly. Many women prefer to avoid wearing anything other than sports bras because there is simply nothing else available that fits right. Once you’ve had breast reduction surgery, you can start choosing bras that accommodate your body type as well as your needs.

7. Less Back Pain

Some women develop lower back pain after pregnancy. Although this can happen regardless of breast size, it seems only larger breasts are more prone to causing back problems. When it comes to back pain caused by enlarged breasts, the solution is simple: reduce them. By getting rid of excess weight – whether or not that weight is fat or muscle – plus removing your baby bump, you can eliminate pressure on your spine. Since you’re also likely carrying less weight overall, you reduce the strain on weak muscles and ligaments surrounding your spine as well.

8. Fewer Strains & Spasms

You may feel extreme pain anytime your breasts swell from hormones or engorgement. Sometimes, this swelling leads to sudden contractions known as nipple spasms. There could be several reasons why you get them, but whatever they are, their occurrence will most certainly be reduced once you lose some pounds. With regular exercise, you can help prevent excessive breast growth in the first place. If you gain weight, try to shed those extra pounds before your breasts grow excessively large.

9. Better Self-Esteem

Having big boobs affects your self-esteem if you view yourself based on how you look rather than what goes on inside. Bigger boobs make you focus on external factors rather than internal ones when judging your worth. This leaves you feeling incomplete and less confident in your own skin. Thankfully, with breast reduction, you can finally set these feelings aside. When you start thinking about your breasts objectively, you realize how little you care about them. After all, you don’t need them to live! So while you still might think your breasts are ugly, you’ll soon come to accept that it isn’t an issue. Your confidence grows, and your attitude toward yourself improves too.

10. Feel More Confident Around Other Women

The biggest reason women opt for mastectomy is that they want an enhanced social life. Not so long ago, having smaller boobs forced women into living secret lives, hiding under baggy T-shirts whenever men were around. It wasn’t until recently that women started realizing just how limiting being overweight was, especially when it came to participating in activities like swimming. Because breasts seem to bring out the worst in people – both male and female — many women felt a strong sense of embarrassment simply for showing them. Today, however, many women have successfully overcome this stigma by accepting themselves for who they are. And one of the best ways to accomplish that is to get plastic surgery to lessen their bust size. Breast reduction gives these women back control over their appearance and allows them to share this information with others without fear of judgment. That means they no longer have to hide away to enjoy a fun night out. Instead, they can proudly show off their bodies and celebrate them exactly as they should.

11. Increase Breast Cancer Survival Rates

Breast cancer rates continue to climb among American women today. While it used to be considered a disease affecting older women, recent research indicates that its incidence has risen dramatically in young women. More than 40 percent of new breast cancer cases occur in women aged 30-49 years old. Given our society’s obsession with beauty, it makes perfect sense that more young women would turn to plastic surgery to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer.

These are the benefits of breast reduction surgery. Of course, there are also risks involved, but hopefully, we’ve given potential patients enough information about them to prepare them for taking this decision. Now all they have to decide is whether or not to go ahead. So take your time in making up your mind. Once you do, you’ll never regret your choice again.