5 Aspects of Home Improvement that Will up Your Home Value


Home improvements are one of the fastest-growing pastimes there is and with all the practical advice, videos, and clips (and more) online, there is no reason why you to can’t reap the benefits of some time spent renovating your home. The crux of the matter, however, is to ensure that you have the right thought processes behind the works. This article provides 5 of the top aspects that will serve to add value to your home should you have the time, inclination and ability to improve it.

The Roof

The roof is accepted as one of the critical design and functionality aspects of your home. It is not as popular a remodeling project as redoing the interior rooms or choosing paint colors for feature walls, but it is more important than either of these. The roof is also one of the first stops for home inspectors and agents in their determination of prices. A leak in the roof or weather damage to rafters and beams are the things that serves to keep many a home on the market longer than they should be.

In order to get your roof done in a way that will increase the value of your home instantly, ensure that you turn to the professionals. You also need to keep it local, trying to use those who are close enough to ensure that you can see their previous work. So, if you are in Michigan you want to be looking for professional roofing companies in Detroit Michigan that way you can go see their work and can be assured that they know the local climate, and weather conditions, allowing them to fit and  then maintain the perfect roof for prevailing conditions.

Curb appeal and an exterior face lift

Whether it’s the driveway or the siding, it’s proven that one of the best ways to add value and interest in the home is to update and refresh the exterior and add curb appeal. It’s what the buyer sees upon arrival and a well-maintained exterior is a great use of your time to add to your home. If it’s value for a move that you want, then no outrageous colors and keep the siding simple and low maintenance. The trending tips are for a great front door, a tidy porch, and seasonal flowers mixed with perennial shrubs, whether in plant pots or borders.

For many, this will be one of the most cost-effective means of adding value and increasing interest from the street, as it may just need serious tidy, neatening, and maintenance. A bit of pressure washing, a touch of paint, and a window cleaner could be the difference between a potential buyer seeing their dream home and them viewing just another possibility.


The housing market has become a lot more environmentally conscious and all buyers are looking for homes that will help them move into the future energy-wise, save money, and are comfortable and cozy. Insulating the attic and ensuring your home has the best-rated insulation in the walls and floors will go a long way in this regard. Insulation will not only add to the green credentials of your home but will also save in energy costs. Energy efficiency is proven to be improved with suitable insulation and there isn’t a bigger house seller at the moment; everyone wants to join the bandwagon and conserving energy in the home is a great way to do so. It is one of the changes or improvements that you can make that will create positive benefits for both the current homeowner and any potential buyers and thus a no-brainer. Just ensure that the insulation used is green and eco-friendly and in line with the other energy choices you have made for the home.

Simple, neutral interiors

One of the most common mistakes is to redo the interior of the home to add value in anticipation of a sale. Don’t. Only work on the interior if it’s to meet your own living and family needs. An updated kitchen and bathroom may have been the rooms of the past that sold homes, but buyers now want more individual choices and are more prepared to do the work themselves, if they can save a little on the purchase price. If it’s about adding value and preparing for the market, then keep the interior as plain and as neutral as possible. Furthermore, keep in mind that neutral doesn’t have to be magnolia and eggshell white, the more contemporary neutral colors are all the rage and greys and taupe’s will be just as good to keep the interior of the home simple and suave. The use of neutral colors allows the potential buyer to visualize their own changes and ideas on a blank canvas so to speak and as such proves time and time again to speed up the sale of a good home.

The garden rooms

A beautiful home is a smart buy, but one that is set in well-maintained grounds, with the ability to make use of outdoor spaces for family and fun is always a better choice. It’s a simple fix and could be a one-off garden service or a regular visit for maintenance during the ‘for sale’ period. Garden spaces have never been more used and wanted than in the recent pandemic where many families spent more time than ever before in their own gardens. Buyers in the current market will pay more for a good garden. Remember that it doesn’t all have to be lawns and flowers, but well-planned paving and outdoor seating has become increasingly popular.

It is all well and good to want to keep your home in the best condition it can be in. This article has focused on the addition of equity and value by homeowners who may be looking to sell or put their homes on the market. It’s a different type of renovation and one that may not be to the homeowners’ specific tastes and family needs, but these are the tried and trusted means to better prices and quicker sales.

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