4 Tips for Construction Project Managers in 2023

4 Tips for Construction Project Managers

Project management is a challenging position, and that’s without adding the need for extensive construction knowledge, which has a habit of evolving as new regulations, technology, and methodology emerge. The role of a construction PM is to ensure everything runs smoothly and to budget, which includes managing suppliers, contractors, architects, and general work staff. Luckily, technology has made construction project management feel like less of a minefield, but that doesn’t mean you can away with setting up a tool and sitting back. With this in mind, here are four tips for construction PMs in 2023.

Make Constant Planning a Habit

Planning has to be one of the first steps for every project, but the fun doesn’t stop once this stage is over. Throughout a project, elements will likely shift that leading to a change in direction. The best way to avoid being caught off guard is to make planning revisions part of your ritual. By making sure the plan is always up to date, every contractor will know exactly what they’re doing regardless of when they join the project.

Know Everything About the Proposed Site

Construction sites come with a lot of risks, and it’s your job to make sure your team is equipped to circumvent them. Therefore, you should get to know the proposed site inside and out by having professional utility surveys carried out, which check to see if there are any objects below the ground. After all, you don’t want to start digging up the foundations and burst through a water pipe, which would come at a devastating cost to the business. If you use csw-surveys.co.uk, you’ll get the best technologies including GPR Surveys, which use radar to detect entities.

Practice Effective Communication

Communication is essential across all states of the construction project, so make sure you establish an effective system for communicating with shareholders, suppliers, and your workforce on the ground. If you can become completely transparent, you’ll make life easier for all parties involved.

Implementing an effective workflow communication strategy can be challenging, which is why we recommend using a work execution platform, which allows you to update schedules and upload documents/photos. As well as this, you can keep track of your budget, which is critical to a successful project.

Use Technology for Budgeting

Construction projects require a lot of financial backing, from making bids to sourcing materials, paying wages, and acquiring relevant permits. As a construction PM, it’s your responsibility to make sure that every component fits within the confines of the budget. In the same way work execution platforms help with communication, they make a fantastic resource for budget management. Additionally, you can use a tool like DocuSign to make retrieving signatures much quicker and more efficient.

Project management in construction is arguably more challenging than in any other field, especially considering the extensive knowledge required to succeed. By implementing the above tips into your management process, you’ll find that facing projects no longer feels like a constant headache.

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