4 Reasons Why It’s Better to Buy a Used Van

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The van market is huge. There are around 4.5 million vans on the roads in the UK and the sector is worth in excess of £10 million. Most of that figure relates to new van sales but around 900,000 used vans are bought and sold each year.

If you are thinking of purchasing a used van for business or leisure, read on to learn why a second-hand vehicle is a better buy than a new one.

It’s Cheaper

Demand is currently outstripping supply, which is pushing prices up, but a second-hand van is still cheaper than a brand-new one. A van typically loses 70 percent of its value after three years, which is a lot of money, even if you spread the cost over several years via a finance agreement. Buying second-hand means the van won’t lose as much value over your period of ownership. Instead, it is valued on condition and mileage.

Buying a second-hand van means you can choose a higher-specification model for less money. For example, with the savings you make, you might end up with a van that has air-conditioning or sat-nav, whereas these options are typically a costly upgrade on a basic model if you purchase from new.

It’s Quicker

Order a brand-new van from a dealer and you can expect to wait 1-2 months for delivery, and possibly much longer post-Brexit. When you buy a second-hand van, you can drive it away once the paperwork has been sorted and you have insurance in place. There is no waiting around; you can put your new acquisition to work immediately.

More Choice

The second-hand van market is vast, so you will have a lot of makes and models to choose from. This makes it much easier to find a van that suits your needs, and if you buy from an approved used dealer, you can pick from hundreds of used vans Cheshire on any given day.

Having a greater pool of potential vans makes it easier to stick to a budget. This is important if you are starting a business and trying to keep your operating costs as low as possible. You don’t need to pay the whole purchase price upfront when buying second-hand – dealers are always happy to offer finance deals on second-hand models.

You Can Read Owner Reviews

When you buy a new van, the only reviews are likely to be posted on auto sites, whereas second-hand models have been out there for a lot longer, to there has been plenty of time for owners to post reviews on forums. Buying a new model is always a risk, as there might be teething problems with the build or mechanics. If there are, these issues will filter into the second-hand market, so you know to avoid that van.

Take your time when buying a second-hand van. Talk to other van owners to see if they love or hate their van. Once you have a shortlist, you can book some test drives!

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